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Letter to Editor – young adult Stroke survivors

It is obviously clear Doug Ford’s Government is not interested in ending age discrimination in Ontario stroke treatment. Come June 2nd, 2022, Ontario needs a new government committed to ending age discrimination in young adult stroke treatment.

Our young adult stroke survivors (20-64) are currently denied the opportunity to recover to their best potential and possibly return to work or complete their Post-Secondary Studies, all because of outdated Regulations at Queens Park.

The medical profession, not our provincial politicians, should decide the fate of our young adult stroke survivors. This blatant age discrimination needs to stop in Ontario.

We should not have to take Premier Ford before the Human Rights Tribunal, Ontario, to deliver our message.

Jim McEwen, B.Eng. 66-year-old stroke survivor Ontario’s Representative of Young Adult Stroke Survivors between ages 20 and 64 (volunteer position) Bowmanville


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