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Let’s Play Ball… RESPECTFULLY!

Lorilee McKelvie, Special to The Standard

SCUGOG: As the 2022 softball season begins for the Port Perry Angels, we are happy to announce there is some new signage at the ball diamonds this year! Thanks to Softball Canada for providing these signs and to the Township of Scugog for displaying them.

Based on the International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement 2016, Safe Sport is defined as “an athletic environment that is respectful, equitable and free from all forms of harassment and abuse.”

Everyone can help create a positive experience by ensuring all athletes are physically, emotionally and mentally safe.

These signs are a friendly reminder that:

These are KIDS

This is a GAME

Coaches are VOLUNTEERS

Umpires are HUMAN


After coming off of two years of restrictions and limited play due to Covid, providing a positive experience for our athletes is our number one goal! Our coaches have been working hard through the pandemic to keep our players engaged, having fun, and committed to being active. To all of the coaching staff of the Port Perry Angels, thank you for all you do for the girls!

Come out and CHEER on your Port Perry Angels. Port Perry will host back-to-back ball tournaments on May 20-22 for the U13 and U15 divisions and May 27-29 for the U19-Intermediate divisions. Swing by the Joe Fowler and Carolyn Best diamonds to catch the action.

The Port Perry Angels would like to thank Delta Bingo for their ongoing support. Their generous contributions to our organization are greatly appreciated.

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