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Kawartha Lakes goes back to drawing board on renaming of Hwy 7 portions

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: Kawartha Lakes council is reconsidering its decision on the renaming of a couple portions of roadway. Earlier this year, the City decided to rename a portion of Highway 7, north of Meadowview Road, to McCumber Court. A portion of Highway 7, south of Meadowview Road, was also renamed to Switzer Place. However, a motion to reconsider the decision was passed at a meeting, on Tuesday, October 20th, following a deputation from resident Jeffrey Armitage. Mr. Armitage said local residents were never given a real opportunity to contribute to the name change. “I just hope that we can allow the residents here a voice, to put a name on this road, and to not be given the names the city has given us,” Mr. Armitage said. During a telephone press conference, on Wednesday, October 21st, Mayor Andy Letham explained the decision and where the process goes from here. “Those names did have history in the area, so we thought they were fine. But we were getting some pushback from the local residents, and that’s fine. So we’re just going to slow it down a little bit. Councillor [Tracy] Richardson brought it forward that we reconsider that motion, which we did,” he said. “Now we’re going to send it back to [Councillor Richardson]. She can consult with the residents, they can suggest a few names [which] meet our protocol for naming.”

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