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Kawartha Lakes expected to revisit Backyard Chickens issue next month

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: The issue of backyard chickens is expected to be discussed again, by the Kawartha Lakes Council, next month. In 2021, the City passed a motion allowing for a two-year backyard chickens pilot project, in certain residential areas. At the time, the number of allowed coops was capped at 50.

With the pilot program having expired, resident Christa Blanchard made a deputation to councillors, on Tuesday, January 16th, calling for the program to be revisited and amended. Mrs. Blanchard and her family raised hens and chicks on their Little Britain property.

“Providing proper nutrition to our family is something we value a lot. I never would have imagined these hens would be such an important part of our family. I know this may sound crazy to some, but we love them like pets, outdoor pets, of course,” she explained.

She noted, her family feels strongly about giving back to their friends, family and community.

“With the extremely high, rising costs of living, groceries especially, we rely on these eggs, not only to help nourish our bodies but, to cut some of the costs of food, for security.”

She stated, people growing their own food, on their properties, would help families with the rising inflation rate. Mrs. Blanchard then said, her goal for the deputation was to have Council look at revisiting the pilot project.

“We are asking to have the land required, in order to have hens, decreased, and the amount of hens allowed increased, from the current four to ten hens.”

Mrs. Blanchard mentioned in her deputation, Ward 7 Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Charlie McDonald said, “Something is coming to council in February which might address some of the issues.”

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