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Kawartha Lakes' 4th annual 'Bee a Hero' campaign open for submissions


KAWARTHA LAKES: The return of a popular contest has the community buzzing with excitement.

Bee City Kawartha Lakes and the Kawartha Lakes Environmental Action Committee (KLEAC) recently launched the fourth annual Bee A Hero Garden Challenge.

The Bee A Hero Garden Challenge is an opportunity for people across Kawartha Lakes to help improve the quality and abundance of habitats for native pollinators in the municipality.

"Every year, we're excited to welcome new and returning gardeners to the Bee a Hero Garden Challenge," explained Deborah Pearson, Chair of KLEAC. "The more people we have to participate in this great initiative, the better life will be for all pollinators in Kawartha Lakes. From experienced gardeners to youth groups learning the importance of pollinator-friendly gardens, we're always excited to see what our pollinator-friendly community in Kawartha Lakes is capable of!"

The contest opened on July 19th and runs until September 15th. All you need to do to enter is provide a before picture of your garden or container prior to it being planted, an after picture of your garden once it has grown, and a brief write-up telling us about your garden and why you chose to be a Bee Hero.

According to organizers, the winners will be chosen at the end of the submission period, and they'll be recognized and honoured for their great work by the Mayor and Council at a future Council meeting.

For more information, planting tips, and a native plants list, please visit the Kawartha Lakes Bee City website at

Contestants are required to include at least one of the pollinator aids listed under pollinator-friendly gardens on the website.

Prizes will be awarded across a few categories, including Children's Garden (12 and younger), Adults Garden (13 and older), and Container Garden. All participants will receive a certificate of recognition for their great work helping pollinators in Kawartha Lakes. Participant's before and after pictures of their gardens, along with the write-up about their garden, will be included in a presentation at a future Council meeting.

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