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Is a Valentine’s Day proposal right for you?

Valentine’s Day is a special day when thoughts turn to love and romance. Couples contemplating tying the knot may feel like Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pop the question and begin their journey toward marriage. Even though Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to propose, it’s tricky to keep such a proposal from becoming a cliché. By considering some dos and don’ts, Valentine’s Day proposals can be unique. Ensure that you’re both on the same page. It’s one thing for couples who have already been talking about marriage to build on the romance of Valentine’s Day with a proposal. But it’s quite another if this is a push to wow him or her and you don’t have the same goals; it may not go according to plan. Couples are urged to have honest conversations about key topics such as, children, compatibility, finances, living arrangements, to see if marriage is a desire they both share. Don’t overlook the element of surprise for the proposal. Sure it is easy to have a waiter bring the ring after a meal at a favorite restaurant, but it can be even more special to catch your sweetheart off guard. Why not propose before you get to the restaurant, such as in front of where you first met, and then you can enjoy your meal without butterflies? Consider your sweetheart’s personality before the proposal. A shy person may not like the attention of a crowd. However, someone who loves to be the center of attention may feel that more is merrier. Don’t go overboard with the details. One or two big surprises is all it takes. The more details, the more things that can potentially go wrong, which can affect the overall proposal. Get input from friends and family, but do not feel pressured to do it exactly as they say. A close friend can help select a ring or contribute to the surprise by keeping the special someone unaware of the plans at hand. Having a helper can make the proposal go more smoothly. Don’t feel pressured to propose on Valentine’s Day or a birthday, Christmas, or other big holiday because it’s “what you’re supposed to do.” A proposal and a marriage are unique to each couple, and individuals should abide by their preferences when making such important decisions. Only propose when it feels completely right. Valentine’s Day can be a perfect day to propose if the timing and planning is right.

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