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Induction of Patricia Mighton to the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame

Brianna Pitt, Social Media Community Coordinator, ROI, Rural Ontario Institute

GUELPH: February 10th. The Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) is pleased to congratulate Patricia Mighton on being selected as one of this year’s inductees to the Ontario Agriculture Hall of Fame (OHAF).

Pat is recognized for her contributions to Ontario’s agriculture leadership development. She will join an illustrious group of agriculture visionaries at the OHAF ceremony in June 2022.

“Over the span of her career, Pat’s pioneering influence brought the vision of skilled leadership to reality, in many key ag-sector organizations and businesses.” said Gabrielle Ferguson, Leadership Programs Director, Rural Ontario Institute. “Pat’s hard work, influence and tenacity means hundreds of top agrifood leaders have realized their potential. Not only did she motivate me personally, many others continue to build upon her tremendous legacy by supporting leadership training for the future.”

At ROI, Patricia is recognized and appreciated for the foundational role she played in shaping the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP), [and] guiding it to become the highly respected and renowned leadership program it is today. She was Assistant to Jack Hagarty, the Executive Director of the program for Class One, and then she was the Executive Director for Classes 2 to 5.

“Patricia delivered AALP with an outstanding eye for detail, always highlighting current issues and facilitating high quality leadership training [which] was inclusive and participatory,” said Ellen Sinclair, Executive Director, Rural Ontario Institute. “She expected excellence not only from herself, but from the participants. In doing so, she laid groundwork for the core competencies of AALP. She was a very special combination of advisor, teacher and coach.”

AALP is delivered by the Rural Ontario Institute (ROI), a non-profit organization committed to developing leaders and facilitating collaboration on issues and opportunities facing rural and northern Ontario communities. Established in 1984, the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP) has graduated almost 5000 leaders, who are affecting positive change across Ontario and beyond.

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