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Independent review to be conducted on Brock municipal animal services

Independent review to be conducted on Brock municipal animal services

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

BROCK: The Township of Brock is looking to have an independent review done of their animal control services. In a press release, sent out on Thursday, September 17th, the Township acknowledged they are looking for another municipality to carry out an independent review of this municipal service. “Recently, there have been some serious allegations made about animal service within the Township of Brock, and its employees, related to the cruelty and neglect of animals in our care. Our Senior Leadership Team took these allegations very seriously and conducted an immediate investigation,” the press release read. “The results of the investigation did not find evidence in support of the allegations that were brought forward. However, to ensure these findings are appropriate, the township is seeking another municipality to conduct an independent peer review, a process that will also include a review of Brock’s animal control services and shelter operators.” The municipality is “committed to providing quality care to animals in distress,” and they “strive to promote a safe and healthy environment for people and all animals.” Some services Brock Township provides in this sector include: dog licenses, dog daycare business licenses, exotic animal exemptions, kennel licenses, rescuing wild animals, reuniting animals with their owners, finding homes for stray or ownerless animals and veterinary care for the animals they have.

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