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How Can the Scugog Business Program Help Local Businesses?


SCUGOG: This year, the Township of Scugog has introduced the Scugog Business Program (SBP).

According to the Business Retention and Expansion (BR + E) coordinator for the Township of Scugog, Kallysta (Kally) Klose, the purpose of the SBP is to “strengthen” the community.

Interested business owners can schedule an interview appointment with the SBP leadership team. The interview can take place in-person, online or over the phone and will be conducted by two team members.

All interviewers have signed a confidentiality declaration, so no personal information will be shared outside of the interview, and businesses can skip any questions they aren’t comfortable answering.

You may be asked questions such as “Do you lease or own the facility where this business operates?”

They may also ask opinion-related questions such as, “In terms of overall impact on this community as a place to do business, what is the most significant change you would like to see in the next five years?”

According to Ms. Klose, the interview survey includes questions developed by the “specialists” at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. However, the community-related questions were developed by the SBP leadership team, which is made up of members from the Scugog community, local business “leaders,” and community partners and includes municipal and regional representatives.

The SBP works to build relationships and create multiple lines of communication between the township, the Region of Durham (specifically their Economic Development and Tourism Division, Invest Durham) and local business owners.

“Identifying these issues and opportunities will allow the Township and Region to develop a deeper understanding of what can be done to resolve issues and assist with achieving goals that will help businesses grow and remain in Scugog,” explained Ms. Klose.

“This group will be integral in developing an action plan using the information gathered from the business community,” she explained. “The action plan will aim to foster business development, [and] investment and encourage job creation in the Township of Scugog.”

There are a few ways the SBP has helped some businesses across Scugog, according to Ms. Klose.

For example, some businesses have expressed interest in networking. So, the SBP leadership team directed them to the Scugog Chamber of Commerce for further assistance.

The SBP was started in partnership with the Region of Durham. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has provided some funding for this program.

Anyone with specific questions about the SBP, please contact the BR+E Coordinator, Ms. Kally Klose, by emailing

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