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Filling potholes with empty pockets

Dear Editor

Scugog staff have recommended a 5.9% tax increase for 2020, and Council responded with a call to reduce that to 5%. Naturally, we taxpayers want to see something lower. Our property tax increases over the last nine years have risen at double the rate of inflation, yet our infrastructure is still failing. Where did the extra money go? For one thing, over 20 years, Scugog’s administration has grown at about four times the rate of the township’s population growth, based on data from a recent Freedom of Information request. That kind of bloated government doesn’t serve its residents – it serves itself. To all those good Scugog staff members who fix our roads as best they can, and to the others who provide us all the important services out community needs, thank you very much! But as for the excessive bureaucracy, the high taxes and the misspent money and effort, Scugog’s officials need to get their house in order before they consider asking residents to pay even more than we do. Are they finding efficiencies? Yes, a few, but only what should have been found before, and they still want to hire more staff. We taxpayers have been steadily handing out funds at well above the rate of inflation – where is the return on our investment? Ray Smith Port Perry

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