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Faye McGee hopes to get community involved in local politics again, if elected

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: Faye McGee is looking to restore the City of Kawartha Lakes’ personal connection with its residents.

Ms. McGee, a former councillor and current member of the Fenelon Agricultural Society, is one of six candidates running for Mayor of the municipality in this autumn’s municipal election.

“I think we need to get the taxpayers involved again. I think the taxpayers and the council have been separated, and I think it’s time we all got together again and reminded ourselves we’re there for the taxpayers. We’re here to work with them, to assist them in their needs, and that’s what I would like to see happen,” Ms. McGee told The Standard.

When asked why she decided to enter this race, she stated she felt “it was about time.”

“I’ve had a lot of people asking me [to run] for a long time. I enjoyed municipal politics when I was in it before,” she explained. “I’ve stayed busy. I’ve been involved in other boards, and the Fenelon Agricultural Society, [as well as] the cemetery board. I’ve stayed involved, and I’ve continued to help anybody who calls me.”

If elected mayor, Ms. McGee would like to see the current municipal policies be reviewed and council meetings be held outside Lindsay, sometimes, to help get more involvement from the public.

“I’d like to see more volunteers getting involved in our communities the way they were at one time. I approve of development, but it has to follow all of the zoning bylaws and all the rules and regulations. We have to ensure that is what is happening, and I’m willing to work at it,” she added.

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