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Epsom & Utica news

by Faye Ashton

In the past few weeks, some members of the Bethesda Reach Women’s Institute have enjoyed a couple of events with Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources. It is so gratifying to see this organization continue to serve our community after more than 35 years.

We were invited to the presentation at the Frank Barkey Farm in Raglan, where HydroOne presented the On-Farm program with a grant of $25,000. It is wonderful to know the corporate world recognizes the importance of our agricultural community.

Last week, Barbara Weese and Corinne Croxall had the added pleasure of being guests at the annual meeting of Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources. Last year there were more than 5,000 child visits and over 3,000 parent visits to the five Resource Centre sites in North Durham. It’s great to watch a valuable program flourish.

Our community is very proud of the women of the Bethesda Reach W.I. for all the accomplishments they have achieved for agriculture and those working within it. Thank you.

Many parents, grandparents, foster parents and caregivers had the pleasure of attending graduations from kindergarten, grade 8, grade 12, college or university this past week. The student's excitement at having completed another year of learning was evident from the joy shown as they accepted their diplomas. The teachers, I am sure, were happy to see their students finish another successful year. Thank you, teachers, for guiding our youth 10 months of the year in much more than just reading, writing and arithmetic.

Are you interested in a game of euchre or board games? Come to Epsom United Church on Thursday, July 18th, starting at 1 p.m. and enjoy a friendly game or two. This is for any age, male or female, seasoned player or a beginner. All are welcome.

There is no church at Epsom United during the month of July.

The little church at Glen Major will hold services during the month of July. Rev. John McNeill will bring the message this Sunday, July 7th, at 7 p.m.

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