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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

We are entering the Christmas Season with many of the usual activities and Celebrations being adjusted because of Covid-19. Advent began this past Sunday, bringing us Hope as a reminder of all we have and all we look forward to in the days ahead. Remember the reason for this Season, and the love it brings with it. The Church in Epsom will be open on Christmas Eve, from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. You are invited to come and enjoy the small service that will continually loop through this time slot. Many thanks to all who supported the food bank drive from the church. I know those who will receive this gift will appreciate your kindness. Recently a group of farmers came together and harvested corn in support of The Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The crop was sold and the proceeds will be sent to CFGB. This year we raised $35,000 to help with emergency food assistance or long-term responses, such as teaching good farming practices in countries of need. Our great group of volunteers included Robert Evans, Shawn and Ron Parish (Parbro Farms), Carl and Neil Evans (Highview Farms), Brian, Arnold and Gail Kerry, James Houghland, Kevin Lamb and Rob Ashton. Our Business partners were Reesers Seed and Grain, Alliance Agri-Turf, Jim Roef-Pioneer Seeds, Midnight Acres-Dekalb Seeds, and HH Good-Maizex Seeds. Thank you to everyone who helped or donated money during the year. The Families around the World are less hungry because of your dedication to this project. Our condolences to the Baylis Family on Lester’s passing. Lester was a frequent visitor to the farms in this area, and back in the 50’s Lester played left wing and his brother Jim center for the Epsom hockey team, coached by my Dad, Don Asling. The Uxbridge 4H Dairy club set up a lighted display at the Fantasy of Lights at the park in Uxbridge. It will serve as our awards night. As part of the display, the club and kids all wrote on some boards for everyone to see. Visit this Fantasy of lights if possible. It is spectacular. Email your news to following address:

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