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Enbridge supports a couple of local fire departments with recent donations

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES/SCUGOG: Enbridge Gas, through a partnership with the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council, recently made a couple of donations to support local fire departments.

On Tuesday, January 31st, Enbridge Gas announced Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue would receive $5,000 through a program known as “Safe Community Project Assist.”

A press release explained this program is “a program with the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council (FMPFSC) [which] supplements existing training for Ontario volunteer and composite fire departments in the communities where Enbridge Gas operates.”

“We are extremely grateful to Enbridge Gas, and the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council for this program,” Kawartha Lakes Fire Chief Terry Jones wrote in a statement. “These funds allow us to purchase materials to enhance firefighter training. Textbooks purchased include topics on vehicle extrication, ice water rescue, and public fire and life safety education.”

Steve McGivery, the Director of GTA East Operations for Enbridge Gas, told The Standard Enbridge likes to support their local community partners when they can.

“We’re supporting over 50 communities this year with this program, and it’s great to help those [who] are supporting our community and our services as well. This is a way to give back and to educate folks on fire prevention,” he said.

On Monday, February 6th, Enbridge and the Township of Scugog announced Scugog Fire and Emergency Services received 228 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. This donation was made through a project called “Safe Community Project Zero.” A press release explained this project is “Zero–a public education campaign that will provide more than 8,000 alarms to residents in 50 municipalities across Ontario.” This program has been operating for 14 years.

Scugog Fire Chief Mark Berney was pleased to receive this donation.

“It’s going to significantly impact our smoke and [carbon monoxide] alarm program. [Over 200] alarms inherently will give us every opportunity, probably for the next couple of years, to ensure every dwelling we enter is left with working smoke and [carbon monoxide] alarms, as required by law,” the Chief told The Standard.

Scugog Mayor Wilma Wotten called the donation “fantastic.”

“I think it will help support our department’s vision, which is a fire-safe and resilient community. With over 200 of these, I think there will be a lot of people who will benefit [from this],” she stated.

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