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Elizabeth Tallis and the New Blue Party of Ontario


The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: Elizabeth Tallis from the New Blue Party of Ontario is running for the Ontario provincial election in June 2022.

Ms. Tallis is a resident of Pickering and is running as an MPP candidate for the Pickering-Uxbridge area. She is a single mother and has a daughter.

If elected, Ms. Tallis said she is going to bring a “voice” to people.

“I’m not a career politician in any way, shape or form,” she said. “I believe there’s no more room for… career politicians, and I think we have to put people in these positions for their communities.”

Ms. Tallis added, she would like to be a “direct voice” for her community, which is the Pickering-Uxbridge area.

“I want to hear what the people have to say. I want to hear what the two mayors [Uxbridge Township Mayor Dave Barton and Pickering Township Mayor David Ryan] have to say. And I want to bring that back to Queen’s Park and discuss accordingly,” she explained.

A part of Ms. Tallis’ belief is, in Ontario and Queen’s Park, “we need to have political accountability.”

“A new party, with fresh faces, and fresh voices, I believe, will bring accountability to the table in Queen’s Park,” she said.

Ms. Tallis has spoken to voters and has heard from some of them, who say they are “fed up” with the way the provincial government is handling some issues.

According to her findings, voters want to see “people” going into these positions, not people who are appointed.

“There’s too much bureaucratic intervention in Queen’s Park right now,” explained Ms. Tallis.

Before becoming a candidate, Ms. Tallis said she and others went through multiple background checks. The founders of the New Blue Party of Ontario, Jim and Belinda Karahalios, did their research when picking their candidates, according to Ms. Tallis. They created this new conservative party, about two years ago, in October 2020.

Ms Tallis said, in other areas, democratic nominations have taken place to appoint candidates. But, the “three main” parties (NDP, PC and Liberal) are appointing candidates.

“At its noblest, good and responsible government should demonstrate accountability, transparency, and integrity while acting in the best interests of its citizens,” the New Blue Party of Ontario wrote on their website. This is one of their founding principles.

The New Blue Party of Ontario believes a “peaceful, well-ordered and stable” democracy is achieved by strengthening the rule of law and ensuring full equality before the law. They also believe parents should be the primary caregivers and educators of their children.

To learn more about the New Blue Party of Ontario and its values, please visit its website, at

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