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Elizabeth Fraser hopes residents vote Green

KAWARTHA LAKES: 21 year old Elizabeth Fraser is ready to face the challenge of trying to win the federal Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock riding seat in this year’s election. Ms. Fraser, a native of Bethany, is running as a Green Party candidate. She explained what she could bring to the House of Commons as a representative of this riding. “I’m very energetic and passionate about the issues I care about. I’m not afraid to question things, and make sure they’re done right,” she said. “[I could bring] a youthful energy and drive to the House of Commons.” Ms. Fraser is a Carleton University student. She explained that’s where she started to take a real interest in politics. “With the election coming up, someone asked if I was interested in running, and I realized how important youth involvement is in politics as well as how important this election is with the issues in society in general,” she said. Ms. Fraser then decided now was a good time for her to become a candidate in a federal election. She understands that some voters may be hesitant to elect someone who is as young as she is. “I know for some people age can be a challenge. I hope just by having conversations, people will take it seriously that I want to help them improve their lives,” Ms. Fraser explained. Her interactions with residents so far have been “fairly positive” and she believes there has been “a big shift in Canada towards more green politics.” “I think people are looking for an alternative,” Ms. Fraser opined. She is hoping this election sees a large youth voter turnout. “Young people definitely feel a lot of anxieties around the environment,” Ms. Fraser explained. She also wants people to realize the Green Party is not a “one-issue party”, stating the party’s platform addresses such things as creating a sustainable and workable economy. For more information on Ms. Fraser’s campaign, email her at, or visit .

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