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Dear Editor,

My name is Barbara Blower, Coordinator of Maamawi Collective.

We are contacting you to ask for your help as we create public awareness of Truth & Reconciliation, inspired by “TRC Call to Action 53, Part 4”, to promote public dialogue, public/private partnerships, and public initiatives for reconciliation” in support of a National Council for Reconciliation.

We realize that Covid Restrictions have hampered the fundraising efforts of many local volunteer organizations, including Maamawi Collective. However, with financial help and volunteer dedication, we were able to continue our mandate in 2021 to educate, inform and inspire.

Guided and supported by partnerships with members of First Nations and Métis people, along with local merchants in our community, we remain most grateful for private donations that have funded our efforts.

For 2022, We Want To Do More: We hope you, as an individual donor or business sponsor, will support us by choosing to direct funds to specific projects within the collective: 1) Education, by supporting our 2022 Lecture Series “Walking & Working In Two Worlds.” 2) Recognition of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls 3) Support for Residential School Survivors and Families 4) Promotion and Acknowledgment of National Aboriginal Veterans Day

For more information or to talk about “working together” please contact me or any member of our Administrative Circle.

Sincerely, Barbara Blower Coordinator Cell/Text 905.649.0407

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