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Cyma Musarat hopes for a blue wave in fall election

UXBRIDGE: Cyma Musarat, a federal Conservative candidate running in this fall’s election in the riding of Pickering-Uxbridge is confident in her chances of becoming the area’s federal representative. “It’s my energy and my commitment to this region that I’m going to turn this area blue,” she said, at a campaign office opening event in Uxbridge. Ms Musarat sees one strategy in order to achieve that goal. “We have to be determined, we have to be driven, we have to be working hard. We will not sit still until we win this riding on October 21st,” she said. She added her and her team are committed to knocking on all doors in the riding to try to sway residents to vote Conservative. Ms Musarat explained she joined the Conservatives after seeing the effects of decisions made by a Liberal majority government. “It’s time to bring change in not only Pickering-Uxbridge but in all of Canada,” she said. “We have to make sure we have an honest government, we have a fiscally accountable government, we have a balanced budget, [and] we make sure there is no more waste.” Ms Musarat explained she wants to help make the riding one of the most “robust places” in all of Canada. For more information on Cyma Musarat’s campaign, visit

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