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Changing oil for the changing seasons

(NC) With more Canadians choosing to travel in their car this year, it’s as important as ever to make sure your vehicle is running properly, to avoid any unexpected repairs or breakdowns while driving. Giving your vehicle’s engine some TLC is vital, so you can reach your destination in a safe and timely manner. Prior to going on the road, getting a motor oil change is critical. Make sure to check your owner’s manual for the proper drain interval, for both mileage and time. Getting a fresh motor oil change means peace of mind and a fresh start for your engine, ahead of autumn. With cooler temperatures ahead, switching to a low viscosity motor oil (0W) will help protect your engine during cold start-ups. It offers excellent performance in extreme temperatures, helps keep pistons cleaner, and helps protect your vehicle’s engine from wear. Many motorists believe you need to wait for your engine to warm up during colder temperatures before embarking on a trip. While this is true, a synthetic motor oil will flow quicker to the critical areas of the engine, than will conventional or synthetic blend motor oil, helping to lubricate and protect your engine sooner. Additionally, modern day engines are designed to warm up faster, requiring less warm up time. In fact, a good quality motor oil should leave behind a thin sacrificial layer of anti-wear protectant, should there be a loss of lubricant. This product is used up over time and is replenished at the next oil change, meaning, it is critical to change your oil often, to help protect and extend the life of your engine.

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