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Building a ‘Healthy’ Relationship

By Robin Van Der Vleuten

SCUGOG: Pharmacist Allison Gillis is the proud owner of Pharmasave Port Perry which is one of Canada’s prominent independent pharmacy and drugstore retailers. Pharmasave stores are independently owned, with the goal being to ensure their programs and services meet the needs of customers. Allison Gillis is structuring her store based on this goal.

Formerly from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Allison has always been interested in the Sciences. “Health care was always in my family,” she explained. Her mother and father inspired her. “My mother is a Registered Nurse, and my father was a go-getter, starting his business from the ground up. Both have been an inspiration to me.”

After completing her Kinesiology degree at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, she wanted to further her education. “Pharmacy seemed to fit with my goals,” Allison added, so she moved to Ontario to complete the University of Toronto Pharmacy Program. Managing pharmacies since 2007, Allison feels now is the time to open her pharmacy with the support of her husband and three children, who are a big part of what pushes her to achieve her goals. Allison is ready to create a better model for pharmacy care.

Pharmasave focuses on building community-based retail outlets that provide customers with excellent service, products, and advice. Port Perry is the ideal spot to achieve this. Port Perry reminds her of growing up in her small, connected community. “I like seeing the same people all the time and building relationships. I feel I can do that in Port Perry as it has a small-town community feel, and this space was available.”

For anyone considering opening a pharmacy, Allison points out Pharmasave is a co-op which helps provide the support you need to get started. “There is a lot to plan and organize so your pharmacy is ready to offer the best support for its clients. It involves registering drug plans, navigating college requirements, contacting suppliers, setting up drug plans and implementing new paperless systems.” Allison is excited for people to see all Pharmasave Port Perry has to offer.

Customers will experience more of a ‘one-to-one’ service, so they can see the same pharmacist and build a relationship with her. “I can give a unique experience to people. Focusing on health prevention is huge rather than waiting until people get sick and need medication.” Pharmasave Port Perry also has a glass counselling room available. Allison will offer medicine checks and be available to help people holistically, giving them advice regarding exercise and healthy eating. She is injection trained to administer vaccines, B12 shots and other shots and vaccines at her Pharmasave Port Perry location, including Flu clinics in the fall.

“Pharmacists are now becoming a bigger part of the health care system. I think it is a great opportunity to be one of the main players in the health care system now they have some prescribing rights.” Allison can currently prescribe for various health issues such as heartburn, hemorrhoids, cold sores, skin infections, insect and tick bites, and urinary tract infections.

Pharmasave Port Perry will offer exclusive private-label products, including health and beauty, vitamins, minerals, supplements, household products and ‘Clean’ products. Pharmasave Brand products are competitively priced and offer satisfaction-guaranteed on many of their products.

Allison is proud of Pharmasave Port Perry and excited to meet people from the community. “I want people to come and visit and see what I have to offer and how Pharmasave Port Perry is different from the rest.”

Pharmasave Port Perry, located at 3-14500 Simcoe Street, Port Perry, is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit the website or use their smartphone app for more information. You can also reach them by phone at 1-289-653-1214.

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