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Brock Council approves Cannington basketball court expansion


BROCK: On Monday, June 10th, Brock Council approved a request from the Cannington Lions Club, to support a community initiative, aimed at relocating and expanding the existing half-size basketball court at MacLeod Park. Initially, funded and installed by the Lions Club in 2006, the half court has long served local youth for 3x3 basketball and casual play.

The push for a full-sized court began with a presentation by, Cannington resident, Darren Facey and Councillor Angela Canavan earlier this year. They highlighted the increasing interest in basketball, among the town’s youth, and the need for a larger court with at least two nets.

The MacLeod Park Master Plan, drawn in 2012 and currently under review, proposed relocating the court to a site now occupied by a baseball diamond. However, financial constraints make this relocation unlikely. Instead, the former skateboard park, north of the arena, has been identified as a feasible location for a full-sized court.

Mr. Facey has secured significant community support for the project. The Cannington Baptist Church donated two basketball nets, following their auditorium renovations. Nordstrong agreed to build posts for the backboards and, local contractor, Phil Heggarty from Towerview will provide materials and labour for installation.

This project underscores the power of community advocacy and generosity. It promises to offer the youth a space for physical activity, team building, and social interaction. With coordination from Township staff, the initiative aims to complete the new court for use this summer, marking a significant enhancement to MacLeod Park.

This improvement reflects the collective effort of Cannington residents and local businesses, demonstrating a strong commitment to enriching community amenities.

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