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Blackstock Minor Hockey League Results

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TARA FREW Special to The Standard

TYKE: W. O. Insurance earned the win over Herrington’s Quality Butchers, 7-2. Scoring for W. O. Insurance were Lucas Farquhar (6), and Beckham Jones. Herrington’s Quality Butchers goals were by Riley Chambers and Hunter Chapman. Hunter’s Sports Photography beat Canadian Tire, 10-3. Scoring for Hunter’s Sports Photography were Colton Scott (6) and Jack Donelly (4) with Donelly also earning one assist. The Canadian Tire goal scorers were Jackson Clarke, Ben McTaggart and Reed Darling. Oliver Creamer earned one assist to support the team.

NOVICE: R. Harvey Landscape took the win over J. F. Construction, 6-3. Goals for R. Harvey Landscape came from Benjamin Armstrong (2), Owen Fleming, Ezra Hough, Mya Metcalfe and Connor Sharp. J. F. Construction’s goals were by Bradley Cloutier (2) and Avery Chambers. Krown Rust Control beat Scugog House Cleaners, 8-1. Krown Rust Control’s Lucas White (3), Olivia Windsor, Noah Depooter, Grady Restrick, Zachary Buurman and Chase Morningstar scored. Assisting were Buurman, Morningstar and Depooter. Scugog House Cleaners’ solo goal was by Paxton Cicchini.

ATOM: Scott Property Management took the win against, 17-9. Scott Property Management’s goals were by Cash Simmons (7), Carter Scott (6), Sophie Nixon (3) and Cass Sargent. Scoring for were Cameron Doran (4), William Aldridge (4) and Charlie Langford. Assisting the team were Carter Doble (2), Langford and Brock Joyce. Eco Water Systems beat Buck’s Construx, 5-1. Eco Water Systems goal scorers were Eli Bradley, Hudson Keeler, Korbin Barr-Waudby, Leah McCarron and Jackson Schofield with an assist by McCarron. Logan Edgerton scored the single goal for Buck’s Construx.

PEEWEE/BANTAM: Goble Transport beat out All Flags Auto Service, 13-2. Goble Transport’s Adam Goble (6), Thomas Langford (4), Owen Belfry and Torin Moore were the goal scorers. Assisting the team were Goble (2), Belfry (2), Moore, Langford, George McIntyre and Hunter Doble. Damien Stephenson (2) scored both goals for All Flags Auto Service while Megan Prouse earned two assists for her team in the game. THMR Development Inc. won over Cochrane Tree Service, 5-2. Ryan Vernon (3), Jake Cicchini and Devon Gadsden were the goal scorers for THMR Development Inc. while Charlotte Frew and James Ward each earned one assist. Cochrane Tree Service’s goals were by Lance Miller and James Leith with an assist from Brooklyn Pall.

MIDGET: Luchka Float Service won over The Comfort Shoppe, 9-1. Luchka Float Service had goals by Jake Buchanan (3), Jordan Urry (2), Hannah Buchanan (2) and Shayne Hurst (2). The Comfort Shoppe’s single goal was from Dante Buurman. Urban Landscape Solutions beat out Rebecca McGarvey Remax-Jazz, 14-7. Scoring for Urban Landscape Solutions were Austin Simms (7), Katie Brown (4), Brayden Vanderligt (2) and Natasha Ashby. Simms also earned 4 assists for the game. Liam Urry (5), Corey VanCamp and Emmalee Beevor were the goals scorers for Rebecca McGarvey Remax-Jazz. VanCamp and Urry each also made one assist to support the team during the game.


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