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Bicycle lanes should not be added to Highway 7A

If you live in Port Perry or to the East of it, you will most likely have noticed all the construction across the main highway and wondering what it all is about. Construction crews have been frequenting Highway 7A, stopping traffic from about the Cartwright Quarterline to around Island Road. Traffic stops depend on where the construction workers are active. I was shocked to find out they were adding bicycle lanes to this busy highway. There hasn’t been talk about adding bicycle lanes to Highway 7A for a few years, as far as I know. Few people thought it would be approved. I was one of those people. There are many reasons bicycle lanes are a poor addition to Highway 7A. The main reason I think bicycle lanes should not be implemented into Highway 7A’s current traffic is because the installation of bike lanes will be dangerous to both drivers and cyclists. I have seen quite a few people on bicycles get injured, even if they were driving in bicycle lanes. It is unfortunate while bicycles are considered vehicles by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, some cyclists do not obey the rules of the road. Many cyclists frequently ride side by side rather than in a single file, and so I fear some cyclists will not stay in their lane and instead ride in the traffic. It is inconvenient, as a driver, to have to not only watch the cars around you but also cyclists, especially those who may not be obeying traffic laws or are riding their bikes too close to the lanes meant for cars. Highway 7A is already a busy enough highway, and there have been many accidents on it in recent years. A very unfortunate spot for accidents is the intersection right at the top of Island road, just before vehicles reach the causeway, to enter Port Perry. I think we should allow bicycles on sidewalks instead of busy streets. I understand if cyclists want to ride their bikes in the middle of the road in Blackstock, or Nestleton, or any other small town, as long as they are careful of cars. But I don’t think it is safe to have bicycle lanes within a city, or on a country highway like 7A.

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