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Autumn harvest fruits and vegetables

Food is a big part of fall, and farms play a significant role in seasonal celebrations. Each autumn, families plan apple picking excursions with their eyes on baking homemade apple pies or roasted pumpkin seeds. The autumn harvest is a great time to indulge in some freshly picked healthy foods. While the picking season may vary depending on where you live, and specifically the climate in your region, the following are some fruits and vegetables that might be ripe for the picking this fall. Apple-picking season typically begins in late summer and extends into fall. Many farms offer a variety of apples, which may be harvested at different times. The Spruce: Eats notes that beets may be in season in temperate climates from fall through spring. Fresh broccoli makes a healthy addition to any dinner table, and notes that broccoli can have a lengthy harvesting season. Early harvesting may begin in May in some regions, though it’s still possible to pick fresh broccoli in late October. If you want to pick fresh broccoli, The Old Farmer’s Almanac recommends doing so in the morning when the buds of the head are firm and tight. If you’re looking to do some late fall picking, cabbage might be for you. The online resource Harvest to Table notes that cabbage can survive under snow without being harmed, making it an ideal late fall vegetable. Spoiled outer leaves can be pulled away after harvesting without affecting the quality of the remaining cabbage. People who can’t wait to whip up a peach cobbler may need to do so before fall even begins. According to, peaches can be ready for picking as early as July, and the picking season generally ends around mid-September. Pumpkins are synonymous with the autumn harvest. And pumpkin picking season aligns perfectly with each of these holidays, typically beginning in early or mid-September and extending deep into October. Autumn is a great time of year to pick fresh fruits and vegetables at a local farm.

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