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Applewood Farm joins Scugog community

DAN CEARNS, for The Standard

SCUGOG: Applewood Farm is inviting the local Scugog community to come visit their site in Seagrave. The local farm business, which had been operating in Stouffville for the last 20 years, moved to 2055 Saintfield Road earlier this year, and opened for business this past weekend. “We loved the area as tourists, and we were looking for a property, and we kind of just fell in love with the farm,” Co-owner Stephanie Passafiume told The Standard. Her husband Matt, the other co-owner, said he loves the new farm site. “I like everything [about it],” he said. “We were looking around at a lot of different options, and places, and trying to decide what each offered, and when we came here, it actually felt like us, it felt like home.” Stephanie explained what the farm offers currently in the autumn. “We have pumpkin and squash picking, and a corn maze, wagon rides around the farm, and then we have a small animal area, and a playground for kids.” The owners also have plans for other seasonal crops and activities. Together with their four children, the Passafiumes have planted strawberries, mulberries, and will be planting garlic this fall. In addition to, they have planted Christmas trees, to be harvested in about four or five years. The couple is currently going through the process of a municipal zoning bylaw change, so they can operate a winery on the site. Matt called moving the business to Scugog a “new adventure” for the couple and said the new farm “seems to grow everything quite well.” Matt grew up on a strawberry farm, so he knows that particular crop quite well. The couple stated they are looking forward to being part of the Scugog community. “We are really excited to be a part of the community and are optimistic about what the future holds.” For more information, go online to

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