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The Bomb – A Retro '80s Live Experience

The Standard regrets that last week we mixed up two of The Bomb’s musician’s names. The below musicians are correctly named.

They will be playing live at the Town Hall 1873 on Saturday, June 24th at 8 p.m. Tickets are $40 per person. Order your tickets by calling the Town Hall 1873 at 905-985-8181 or order your tickets online at

The Bomb Retro '80s Live Experience is a professional Canadian tribute act which embraces the decade of the '80s, playing all the top new wave and atmospheric radio hits from that wonderful musical era, rather than playing tribute to just one band.

From Bowie to Tears for Fears, Duran, Simple Minds, A-ha and INXS, to The Cars, The Cure, Prince and Depeche Mode (and much more), The Bomb truly do perform "The soundtrack of your youth...Live!"

The Bomb takes huge pride in their sound, their performance, their image and their professionalism, always dressing the part & putting on a show full of energy and exuberance, never just going through the motions or just 'playing the gig'. The happiness and energy exchanged with crowds hearing their favourite '80s songs being played by four guys who love the music as much as the audience does set a night with The Bomb apart from other touring acts.

All in all, it is a full-on "one-night time machine" which brings the audience back to their youth with all the hits they love. For those wanting to check the band out before the Port Perry show, The Bomb will be headlining the Saturday night at Bowmanville Rotary Rocking Ribs and Brew on June 10th at 9 p.m.

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