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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Food Bank donation Bins are located at both Epsom and Utica church. Let’s fill em up.If you are someone in our community who needs food please help yourself. Kate Johnson has started a new venture in curating seasonal crafts and basket decorating. She’s partnering with the Bridge Social in Uxbridge and Blue Herron books to bring a reusable, fun filled children’s activity and treat basket to the community for October 31st. There is a single child basket and a three or more children’s basket. You must preorder by October 30th and you can do online at If you are staying in this October 31st, this is the perfect basket package to keep your little ones busy. Birthday and Anniversary wishes to all in our surrounding community who have celebrated this month of October. We will know today if we are transitioning back to a modified phase 2 covid 19. Time for us to really stick to the medical authorities regulations about social distancing of 6 feet apart, wearing masks and washing our hands. In our family we have a very handsome great grandson Feliks, 6 months old now, that delights us each day with his gorgeous smile he sends our way, on facebook. Send news to or call it in to 905-852-5389.

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