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Durham Chair updates council on Regional initiatives

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Durham Regional Chair, John Henry recently provided Scugog councillors with some information on Regional initiatives in the Township.

Chair Henry started off his address by praising the work local farmers do.

“How fortunate we are to have the dedicated people who grow the food we eat, the livestock we eat and [who] manage the land in an environmental way. We do not thank our farmers enough for the great work they do.”

He noted, since the Region’s inception, it has grown from having 247,000 residents to 745,000 residents.

“We need to invest in critical infrastructure such as roads, water [and] wastewater plants to support the growth,” he stressed.

In 2023, the Region invested $33.5 million in water supply and sanitary sewer projects, in the Township of Scugog. Chair Henry stressed the need for affordable housing in North Durham.

“To support our growth, we need more housing options across the housing spectrum. The Region and Scugog are working together to do our part to enable development.”

He noted the At Home Incentive Program, as an example. The program provides financial support and expedites planning approvals for developments, which include committed affordable housing.

Chair Henry also discussed economic development in the North Durham communities of Scugog, Uxbridge, and Brock Township.

“North Durham is an exciting place to grow a business, [it] offers many advantages. Not only does it offer an ideal quality of life, where you can enjoy small-town charm, but it’s also an area where [there’s] skilled demand for an educated workforce.”

The Regional Chair told councillors, the Durham Region Transit has been seeing “record ridership numbers, month over month in 2024.”

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