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Do you know where your money’s going?

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: It is property tax time again. What does the Township of Uxbridge use your property taxes for?

Your tax dollars cover services, programs, and facilities within the Uxbridge community.

The budget of a township relies on two factors, operating and capital.

For example, the Operating Budget is like a resident paying their home bills, like their electricity bill. Household bills increase with economic pressures and inflation. The Capital Budget includes paying for renovations, your house, and vehicles.

Money put toward supporting a township is collected from three places, grants and subsidies, user fees and property tax levy. The money coming into the Township helps keep the many services running for residents.

According to Uxbridge Councillor Bruce Garrod, property taxes are collected by the Township on behalf of Durham Region and the province. Uxbridge sends about thirty-thousand dollars to Uxbridge Cottage Hospital annually.

2.8 percent of Uxbridge property taxes go toward public health within Durham Region. And, 30.7 percent of property taxes go toward funding the local police department throughout Durham Region.

The Uxbridge town council, administration and the public decide how to balance Uxbridge’s budget while following provincial legislation. There is also a list of proposed major capital projects the Township has listed on their presentation. A few of the proposed public works projects include paving or resurfacing roads like Mill Street and Concession 6. This also includes gravel conversion projects, working on sidewalks and streetlight replacement.

This section also covers projects concerning the local services. Such as fire services, specifically for protection, education, and prevention. As well as many cultural services like the train station, foster memorial, and the historical centre, arena, indoor pool, playgrounds and more! One proposed project includes adding accessible renovations to the senior centre.

For a more in-depth look at the Township of Uxbridge 2021 Budget, you can find this presentation on the Township of Uxbridge website.

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