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November- the mid-berrrrr month! You know, as its cold outside already! Well we have had a bit of warm weather but isn’t it strange that is March 10C is quite warm but in November it’s still far too cold and out come the gloves and heavier coats. Actually, what has made several days seem so cold was the wind which can blow right through you. One day the leaves were going in every direction but I was just hoping they would all head for the bush. Unfortunately they didn’t but it sure brought most of them down and our beautiful colour has faded. The birds are coming back to the feeders and I think maybe the redwings have finally winged their way south as there was a large gathering of them a couple of day ago and not now. More of the regulars are coming to the feeders too. I think at least one of my raccoons is still around as my pole feeder got pushed over the other night, as well as the electric water bath, and chipmunk are still stuffing their cheeks!

It’s been a fairly quiet week to start the month with not a lot of celebrations that I know about. Troy Jackson had a double celebration, the first being for this birthday and the second for his retirement from the North York Fire Department after 35 years. Troy has also been a Captain at the Toronto Fire Dept.’ a Service Professor at Seneca College. Troy is the son of Pat Bailey and Gary Jackson. Pat of course was born and raised in Epsom, a life-long friend. He and wife Jeannine Harvey-Jackson have 2 children Aaron and Julia. I think woodworking is one of the hobbies Troy will pursue but I suggested there are lots of volunteer jobs going begging. That, of course, applies to a whole lots of retired people!

Happy birthday also to Tammy Stemp. Tammy is married to Ryan Stemp and a few years ago they moved to Caledonia, Nova Scotia and seem to be enjoying life there very much as both are retired. An outdoor wedding was conducted by Adele Boy on Saturday, at the Gibson family farm, the groom being the nephew of Lynn Gibson. The weather cooperated as the wedding was outside and the reception in a spruced up implement shed. Best wishes to the happy couple!

Friday night Anne Irvine and I attended the Jazz night at the Leaskdale Historic Church. This was the 7th in the series started by Tom Baker to raise funds for the purchase and repair of the century old grand piano. Of course Tom played for all the numbers but he had 2 fantastic accompanists. There were a large number in the audience who obviously greatly enjoyed the performances. The next concert is on Dec.8 when the fantastic Amy Peck will be on stage with Tom. Mark the date!

At church today in Sandford we had the first of two Remembrance day services. Rev. Carol Baggett was the worship leader. Carol is the wife of Rick McKinley who has also been with us several times. Carol has recently retired but is still eager to help out when called upon. Her message was one of hope in what seems like a hopeless world. Bruce Harwood took part by reading the poem “In Flanders Field”. Next Sunday we will observe Remembrance day once more with Rev. Bill Fritz leading. It is hoped that the weather on Saturday, at the regular parade is favourable so that Deborah Clements will be able to pipe a couple of numbers for us. The last 2 Sundays of the month will be led by Carol O’Neil who is now like one of our congregation.

On Nov. 8 the Uxbridge Horticultual Group will meet at the Senior’s Centre. That evening there will be a silent auction and people are encouraged to bring items to include, even baking etc. The hall will be open after 6PM for setting up. The guest speaker is a master Gardener Roman Halkiewicz whose topic will be “Gardening for Climate Change”. This is a timely topic as we seem to have more strange weather every year. The December meeting will be the annual Potluck supper to which you can bring family or friends. The 11th is of course Remembrance day and the ceremony at the Cenotaph begins at 10:45. You will notice that this year there are even more banners hanging on the poles around town and even getting out into the hamlets, commemorating family members who served in the wars (who would believe that after all this time we are still living the atrocities of war?). On Nov. 12 the Rotary Christmas House Tour takes place. There are 7 wonderfully decorated houses as well as the Foster memorial, open for the first time as part of this annual event. Tickets are $40 and can be purchased from Rotary members or on line.

On Nov. 16 the Uxbridge Genealogy Group will meet with the discussion also centering around war, and probably how to trace your ancestors who were in the military, in its various forms.

On Saturday the 18th Santa comes to town and takes part in the parade once more. Last year there was a large crowd because finally there were no restrictions. Every year it gets bigger and more enjoyable. This year is sure to be no exception. That same day the Leaskdale Loop event is on again where you can visit various craft people around the area. Check their page to see who is open. On the 19th “Ladies of the Foster” will present their version of Dickens “A Christmas Carol” at 2PM at the Foster. Then there are the Breakfast with Santa, Sandford’s on Nov.25 and Zephyr on Dec. 9, the Seniors lunch on Nov. 21 and the Community Care lunch on Nov. 28. The North Durham Nature Group will meet also on the 28th at the Scugog Library, 7PM with President James Kamstra talking about his wonderful trip to Columbia. You are welcome to join with us at 7PM.

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