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ZEPHYR & SANDFORD by Pat Aslling

A touch of autumn weather this week, a prelude of what is to come! The wind and rain have played havoc with the leaves so that many trees are bare and those that are not are mostly yellow, but how pretty when the morning sun lights on them! I still have a lot of blooming plants out, but they will be in before this weekend as covering up at night is a chore. Sunday morning provided many opportunities to share in worship. As usual, I watched Rev. Diane’s service from Lansing, then Carol O’Neil’s, which was unexpected. Both ladies used the same text about the lawyers trying to trick Jesus. His response was that the first law was to love God, and the second was to love others as yourself. For both it led to obeying laws, a à propos subject for this time. Here is the first verse of a poem repeated by Carol: “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day; I’d rather one should walk with me than merely tell the way; The eye’s a better pupil and more willing than the ear, Fine counsel is confusing, but example’s always clear.” Today we celebrated the 135th anniversary of Zephyr United Church, and our own Adele Boy prepared a beautiful service. She spoke about the work done in and through the church. One example was Dorothy Curl, whom many of you will know and remember. Her main theme was about touching, something that is in short supply these days. She spoke about how important touch is to everyone, how it conveys many feelings and how Jesus used touch to show compassion and healing. Experts say that lack of touch is going to be one of the worst psychological traumas of this pandemic! Good news mostly this week! Harry Paisley, who lived in the area most of his growing years, and wife Angie Bailey celebrated their 30th anniversary. Brenda Harwood Moore and husband Brian celebrated their 42nd anniversary. If you are like me I find it hard to think of kids I saw growing up as being that age, never mind having been married that long, with kids and grandkids! Jo-Ann Smith and husband Ted Lyons celebrated 50 years. I have known Jo-Ann even longer as she was raised in Bethesda and the Epsom, and Bethesda kids often intermingled. Ted also lived in the area. Not so long married are Jamie and Rachel Risebrough. Jamie works with Uncle Mike on the farm, while Rachel runs the Veterinary clinic in town, a good combination! Their anniversary was October 20th, 2012! Lots of birthdays this week! Coalton Leppard, son of John and Jackie, turned 16 and is already the tallest in the family. Lisha Van Neuwenhoven embraced turning 50 and looks forward to the next 50! I hope so, she will have plenty to do! Augusta and Vince Winder just celebrated a big anniversary and now it’s Augusta’s time to enjoy a lovely birthday as well. Katie Bottomly, daughter of Phil and Jen Wilson, grew up in Sandford and now lives in Uxbridge where she teaches music lessons and tends her two beautiful daughters. Gloria Rusnell enjoyed a birthday this week too. Gloria also grew up in Bethesda, but I knew her older sisters much better than her. Best wishes also to Mikaela MacDonald, daughter of Tish and Mike, who are busy again organizing a drive-through in Elgin Park for veterans on Sunday, November 8th. Emily Shreeve, 11 year old daughter of Gord and Karen also celebrated.

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