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Not the best of weeks weather-wise, but the trees are still very colourful, some even more than before. My soya beans were harvested and should have been a good crop. The cornfield across the road still needs harvesting, as do others, but was it last year when crops stood in the field long after the first snow? My begonias and dahlias are a riot of bloom with many buds just waiting to burst out, and hopefully that happens before Jack Frost pays a visit. This Sunday was to have been the anniversary for Sandford United Church, numbers 121/169. The first church was built by the Methodists, down where the cemetery is. This was outgrown and 10 years later a larger one was built, which existed and boasted 100s of participants from all over, for over 30 years. This building was accidentally burned down and a couple of years later the present brick building was built on the corner of the 4th and Sandford Road. Between times the community hall served as a chapel. It remained a Methodist Church until 1925, when some Methodist, some Presbyterians and the Congregationalists joined to form the United Church of Canada. In 1979, when Paddy Sellars was minister, an addition was added to the south, housing a kitchen, meeting room and washrooms with a basement. Within the last few years the kitchen has been renovated and dedicated to Carol Penberthy, who donated some memorial funds. Although in-person church has been closed since March there is an ongoing project by the UCW and Church to raise funds for the Loaves and Fishes since we cannot collect at meetings. We usually have a box at Thanksgiving, which couldn’t happen this year. If you wish to contribute to the church fund, please send to Jean Sopel, at the Sandford United Church, and note it as Loaves and Fishes. Her address is 42 Enzo Cres.; Uxbridge L9P 1M1. Thanks to Carol O’Neil who wrote a special anniversary service for the occasion and you can find it on my Facebook page or on the Sandford Zephyr page. Next week we will be celebrating with Zephyr. Happy birthday wishes go out to Darlene Hallett, another of our LLM ladies who assists us with services from time to time. Best wishes also to our Mayor Dave Barton! Happy birthday also to Cecil Blackburn, whose family has lived in the Sandford/Ashworth area for a long time! Rob Croxall is well known to most in the area, son of Ted and Corrine. Rob is a pharmacist in Stouffville and is married to the lovely and talented Rev. Karen Croxall. Happy birthday also to Jeff Hewlett, who grew up on the family farm near Zephyr. Congratulations to Marion and Ted Meyers, on the birth of a new grandchild, born October 13th, Claire Morley Meyers, weighing in at a hefty 8lb. 14oz! Ted will have to get in shape for sure now! Belated congratulations also go to Jamie and Rachel Risebrough on the birth of their second child, daughter Elaina, born on September 22nd. This is the fourth grandchild, three girls and one boy, for David and Judy Risebrough, and I don’t know how many great grandchildren for Aileen Warren! Anniversary wishes go out to Andrea and Kevin Arkell, who celebrated their wedding anniversary. Daughter of Cheryl and Erwin Hinzel, and an independent travel agent. Congratulations also to Amanda Van der Gulik and Cindy Risebrough on their second anniversary, who celebrated close to home now for Cindy. A very unique couple are Sarah and Danny Moore, who share a special talent for cooperation and getting along. They celebrated their sixth anniversary. If you feel you need a pick-up at the end of the day, go on Facebook and find our talented and lovely Melinda Delorme’s page. She is once more doing her “Jammie Jams” where she plays and sings special songs that could brighten your day with her beautiful voice. Did you get your flu shot yet? I did, but already they were out of the high dose, and that seems to be the same for almost all pharmacies. Doctor’s offices, for the most part, haven’t received their supply yet but get your name on the list if you can. Never hurts (a pun) to be safe, although you might think the needle does (not)!


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