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Hasn’t it been fantastic weather? So many days in a row with record-breaking temperatures, blue skies and sun after such a riot of autumn colours! Drink it up folks as my friends and family out west have had another blizzard, they are probably sending our way. Sure has shortened the winter though and made great memories. I have been able to get more done in my garden, under ideal conditions, than any other year! 

‘When you go home, tell them of us and say, for their tomorrow we gave our today.’ by Rudyard Kipling. Carol O’Neil closed her message to us, this week with this quote, a very fitting one as we commemorated Remembrance Day. She had an inspiring message as always and set the tone for the day.

Rev. Diane Bennett-Jones also had a lovely service using well-known songs and quotes. One I do not remember hearing before, was by Professor Moina Michael, and was entitled “We Shall Keep the Faith”. This poem is a tribute and a response to John McCrae’s In Flander’s Field. Written in much the same fashion, it is a promise to do what the poem asks us to do, to “keep faith with those who died”.

The drive–by in honour of our local veterans, in Elgin Park, Sunday afternoon had a huge turn-out, to honour the many Veterans, from the area. What a great group of people! I know many of them are in their 90s but there they were standing straight and tall. Such perfect weather, too! There was quite an age gap as several of the guys standing were fairly young too.

Thanks to Tish and Mike MacDonald for organizing this, and to all their helpers. There were quite a few supervising the parking, the pace of the parade, and many other details. Each Veteran had a placard with his or her name on it, and there was also a handout detailing each Veteran’s service.

Following the parade through the park some people went on to Butternut manor where more Veterans were waiting. That turnout was smaller as the crowd at the park was still winding its way along well past the 2 p.m. start time at Butternut. There was to be another visit to Douglas Crossing, but I don’t know if it happened.

Sad news just arrived about the death of Allen Lockie. Allan and Betty were staunch supporters of Zephyr church and Community for many years before retiring and moving to Newmarket.

Allen Lockie died on Friday, November 6th.  His wife Betty and his children Kim, Fay, John and Tracy and their spouses and families will sadly miss him. Allen had just celebrated his 90th birthday. They will hold the private grave side service on Monday, November 16th at the Zephyr Zion Cemetery at 1 p.m.

Although Alex Trebek was not from here, I am sure that many feel as I do that he was part of our lives. His death on Sunday was the culmination of many months of suffering and endurance as he battled cancer but continued to produce his shows almost to the very end. As someone said, “I can’t imagine anyone else hosting Jeopardy!”

A few birthdays this week starting with Tammy Stemp! Tammy is the wife of Ryan Stemp, son of Harry, who was born and raised in Uxbridge. Tammy came from Port Perry. Karen Maharaj Shreeve also celebrated. Karen is the wife of Gord Shreeve and they pastor the Zephyr Missionary Church. Karen is a long-time assistant at Scott Central School and also baby sits local kids.

Grant Evans had a birthday, shortly after wife Lisha celebrated. I remember him as a baby, so it can’t be that long ago! Cyril Giles also had a birthday. Cyril and wife Elsie are well known in this area, having lived most of their lives here. Cyril turned 88!

Another young lady celebrating is Erin Blackstock, who not only celebrates another year but another year of several successes in her chosen musical career. May there be many more! Louise Weir Lougheed had to prepare for two family birthdays, as both husband Steve and son Jeremiah (15) had birthdays close together.

It was shocking to hear that Goodes was sold, but pleased to see nothing much is changing. It is a longstanding business in town and the only feed store, since the Co-op closed many years ago. Enjoy your retirement, John!

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