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Two very busy weeks to catch up on, so please forgive me if I miss something. There has been a lot of activity in the celebration vein as many had birthdays and anniversaries. Also, sadly several deaths to mourn as well!

We’ll start off with some birthdays. Rick Bagshaw was born in Uxbridge, son of Eleanor (Beare) and Bill but lives a bit further afield now. Janet Morton also celebrated. I knew Janet back in her teen days when her dad, Duncan McTavish, worked for Norman Hogg in Brookdale. Happy birthday also to Jim Corrigan who grew up in Uxbridge and later moved away, but not too far and still keeps in touch. Many will remember his mother, Loretta. Earle Lockerby celebrated his birthday one day after he arrived home from visiting friends in PEI for three weeks. Daughter Lisa presented him with a flight over Uxbridge and Sandford in a plane piloted by Mike Damus, which he greatly enjoyed. Turns out Earle and I share birthdays and ages, but I had mine in conjunction with my sister and brother-in-law the past Sunday.

Happy birthday also to Conrad Boyce. Conrad and Lisa have been back in Uxbridge for several months now, and he is already involved in producing a play and other community ventures. We welcome them back! Another former Uxbridge boy celebrating is Ryan Stemp. Ryan and Tammie have not lived in Uxbridge for a while but have recently moved to Caledonia, Nova Scotia, camping by a beautiful lake while their new house is built.

Birthday greeting to Dianne Bennett of Zephyr. Dianne is a singer, treasurer of Zephyr church, and on the board for the Uxbridge Seniors, so she keeps busy. Oh yes, and loves cats too. A big birthday greeting went out to my friend, former coworker and next-door neighbour, Isabelle Smith. Isabelle still works her shift at Chances Are.

Best wishes also to Walter Campbell, a super artist and musician. I never knew he had a twin sister, Janice, to whom greetings are also sent. We hope it works out that Walter can produce his calendars this year.

Happy birthday to Gina Harrison, daughter-in-law of Garry and Yvonne on Leaskdale. Greeting also to Jordan Stewart, son of Jeff Stewart, computer guru. Jordon reached the quarter-century mark. Another young man reaching a milestone is William Lougheed, son of Louise (Weir) and Steve Lougheed. William was 20. I particularly liked the photo of him as a baby with grandparents Lewis and Eldine. His cousin Gerald Ross and his wife Velvet also celebrated their anniversary. Congrats.

Best wishes go to Kelli Geer. Kelli runs the Barn Cat Co-op group, rescuing cats and kittens. The number of abandoned cats and kittens that are rescued, treated, neutered, fostered and socialized is tremendous and a full-time job for her and her volunteers. Happy birthday also to young Jessie Tindall, daughter of Ryan and Karyn.

Happy birthday also to our own Norma Scott. Norma is a powerhouse who never stops, it seems, always busy helping out someone in whatever she can. After raising five kids, all long gone from home, she still has a freezer full of food, waiting to give to someone in need! Happy birthday also to Amy Smalley. Amy lives on the same road, has the same number of kids, and probably has a freezer full of food because the kids come home now and again.

Happy birthday also to Paul Broad, another Uxbridge boy who doesn’t live too far from his birthplace. Seems people like to stay close to home at times. Birthday greetings also to Sandy Wagner. Sandy is married to Ron Wagner, who I have known since childhood. Ron and Sandy lived for several years on the corner of 23 and Reach, where they started and ran for many years what is now Lawsons, before retiring to town.

Happy birthday also to my son Ivan who celebrated on Saturday. We were pleased to have both granddaughters and one grandson by marriage with us. My brother Jerry has a birthday on Tuesday, and that is it for our family for a while!

It’s nice to learn that the work done for the Zephyr community by June Holmes Archibald will be remembered on a bench with a plaque has been placed in the parkette in her memory. June worked very hard at whatever was necessary for the community.

There was a great concert at the Foster on Friday night when Scott Benson and Susan, and another gentleman provided some rousing music. There was a good crowd, and they got a standing ovation, not something that happens often. Last week was Mark Thackway, and this week one of my favourites, Linda Dempster and Laura Haighway.

Church on July 31st was conducted by Rev. Wayne Reed and was a Communion service. Sadly there were few in attendance. Donna Poelzer supplied the music. The Reeds and the Poelzers both live in Lindsay and have been friends since the men, Wayne and Vic, were in seminary together. We were very happy to welcome both couples. There will be no church during August, with the first service being at Zephyr on September 11th.

Bob Kirvan informs us that the Uxbridge Horseshoe Club, which meets each Tuesday night at the museum grounds, has joined the Horseshoe Ontario Club. You can join for $20 and automatically become a member of the Historical Society and a horseshoe pitcher!

Best wishes to Deborah Clements, who has undergone surgery but is now home and recuperating. She had some stories to tell about her time trying to get to the hospital and what happened once there. Fortunately, things worked out, and she is looking forward to camping with Dwight in a few weeks.

In the last week or so, there have been at last five deaths of people I knew, but I have run out of space, so we will speak of them next week.

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