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February sure was a short month! We celebrated Valentine’s, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, the Perseverance landing on Mars, a beautiful Snow Moon, and some warmer and sunnier days. All of which made the time pass quickly.

Did you know there are at least seven Canadians involved in the research being done through the Perseverance Roamer? The equipment that the machine carries is out of sight. No kidding! There are already a number of crashed and outmoded pieces of equipment scattered all over the surface of Mars. Let’s hope mankind doesn’t make such as mess there, as he has on earth! A hymn entitled “Come and Find A Quiet Centre” Rev. Diane has been using as her opening. It goes like this:

“Come and find a quiet centre in the crowded life we lead, find the room for Hope to enter, find the frame where we are freed. Clear the chaos and the clutter, clear our eyes that we can see, all the things that really matter, be at peace and simply be.”

Although the pandemic has been bad in many ways, it seems that it has allowed others to find their quiet place. Able to spend more quality time with family, not rushing off constantly for a myriad of activities. Hopefully, they can maintain that place in their lives. Unfortunately, Rev. Diane conducted her last service at Lansing this past Sunday. She has not given any clue as to her future adventures, but we are sure there will be some. We will miss her Sunday worship but wish her and Chris all best wishes in whatever they plan.

Wishes for better health go out to Paul Broad, who underwent several heart and valve operations this past week, with more to come. Paul grew up in Uxbridge but now lives in Seagrave.

Carole Bickle is in serious condition, the former Carole Shier, who grew up just down the road. Carole is the older sister of Gail Williamson and our own Linda Wagg. Prayers and thoughts are with her. Best wishes to all who are ill.

We were shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Maxine Augustine last week. Maxine lived all her life in this area. I still think of her as Maxine Parrish even though she and Gerry have been happily married for many years. It was always a pleasure to stop and have a chat with them whenever we were out. Our deepest sympathies to Gerry and his family, also to her cousin Eulah Shier. There were several birthdays this week. We will start with the eight-year-old twins Luke and Tegan Smith. They are the children of Andrea and Bryan Smith. Joanie Sine also celebrated this past week. Joan and Rod have been big boosters to Zephyr community and church.

Sarah Moore had a birthday. She was probably dreaming about when she and daughter Mac can get out and ride their horses in competition once more. Steve Wilson, across the corner, had a birthday, but no cake came this way, haha. Gwen Layton also celebrated if she took time. She’s a busy lady, selling real estate, working with the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society and helping at Chances Are!

The lovely Laurie Bond also had a birthday. Laurie is a sorority sister of mine ( Beta Sigma Phi-Xi Epsilon Upsilon), and a great crafter. She is happy that she gets to spend her weekends at Richters Herbs, where she ‘works’ in the greenhouse amidst the warmth and smell of all those lovely plants while the rest of us still dream.

Kevin Smalley turned 24 last week. In 2018 he graduated from McMaster University and then got a job in Grand Cayman Island as an auditor/chartered accountant for Grand Cayman PWS. Pretty good, I would say, for a graduate and definitely a location where many would like to be just now. Oh yes, although they have accomplished so much, it seems like Stan and Amy should have six kids, but they only have five!

Maple trees are being tapped! Can syrup and spring be far behind?

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