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Another week and it will be May! Impossible, I say, but time keeps rushing on. This has not been a great week weather-wise, but that does not stop the flowers and trees from continuing their development as many reach full bloom and leaves of every colour appear. Birds are nesting, and new species arrive from the south on their journey further north. It’s always amazing to think of just how far these small creatures fly on their migratory journey.

It’s not usual to find inspiration in the comics, but I saw this in the Saturday Star and looked it up. It is quite a long poem, really but very appropriate for the season. I had never read it before. It is by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It’s called “To Jane: an invitation from Percy”

Away, away, from men and towns to the wildwood and the downs— To the silent wilderness, where the soul need not repress, Its music lest it should not find an echo in another’s mind, While the touch of nature’s art, harmonizes heart to heart.

Wednesday was Earth Day, and there were many special programmes for this day, celebrated for 51 years now. Unfortunately, despite all the publicity and agreements around the world to highlight the dangers the world environment faces, we seem to be not much closer to solving the problems.

It was interesting that on Sunday, 4th Easter, two of the services I listened to based their texts and messages of Earth Day and the care for the earth, highlighted in scriptures, both the creation of all things and the preservation that is our responsibility. The other three delivered their service based on it being “Good Shepherd Sunday,” and all the scriptures they used were about Jesus as our shepherd and the sheep.

If you spend any time on social media, you may have noticed that midway through the pandemic, there were a few people, anti-maskers, anti-vaccers, and those who refused to believe COVID-19 was real, made references to those who followed medical and governmental regulations as sheep, in a very derogatory way, followers who never questioned and just did what they were told. The scriptures picture sheep in quite a different way. In fact, the Bible mentions sheep more than 500 times! If you read Carol O’Neil’s message she breaks the passages down into four; the shepherd, the sheep, the hired man and the wolf and turned it around saying when have we been shepherd, have we been like the hired help, or have we acted like the wolf in our life situations? Something to think about!

Birthdays this week are not so many, but we will start with Phil Bottomly, who was 30. Phil is the husband of Katie Wilson, daughter of Phil and Jen. They have two beautiful children. Terry Barrett also celebrated a special day. His mom is Ann, the “best gol durn dogcatcher in Durham!”

Happy birthday also to Shirley Hewlett! Shirley is the grand age of 86! She and her husband Don have been happily married for many years and spent a good many of those in Zephyr before moving to Bolsover. Now they enjoy their five kids and grandkids. A special birthday also to Helen Wilson (Fred) on this day! Helen and Fred have been married for 67 years. They are blessed to have their many children and grandchildren living in close proximity. Happy birthday also to Cindy Risebrough, also living close to home! On Sunday, I had the privilege of attending my first Zoom wedding shower. This was organized by Jen Wilson and Marcia Wilson for their nephew Christian. Christian is the son of Steve. It was dubbed a Wilson-Noble event, but I was honoured to be included.

Interesting to see so many of my Wilson neighbours, who live close by but who are seldom seen in person, especially now! A big congratulations to Chris and his bride-to-be Lauren Ruehle who will be married May 8th.

Remember the Zephyr community garage sale planned for June 19th. Contact June Archibald if you would like to participate.

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