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A beautiful week of warmer weather, more like May and the farmers all around are tilling and sowing the land and gardeners are busy planting early crops. Bob meek always claimed he would have new potatoes to eat by July 1st, and I think he always did. Mine are in, but I doubt I will be eating them by that date. Here is a little thought; you have probably read it before but important to be reminded.

Plant your spring Garden: Three rows of peas: Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart, Peace of Soul.

Three rows of squash: Squash indifference, Squash hatred, Squash bullying.

Three rows of lettuce: Let us be kind, Let us be compassionate, Let us love one another.

Water with Patience and cultivate with Love!

Lots of birthdays to remember this week! Cliff Boyington and his family lived off the Reach Road and went to school in Epsom and Uxbridge High School. He still has many friends in the area.

Wayne Gunn is a well-known name in and around Uxbridge. When he wasn’t fixing computers, he was selling hotdogs At Canadian Tire (before the pandemic, of course) or growing his hair long for a worthy cause.

Trevor Cox is a busy young man with his own farm and keeping the family name known and respected!

Lorraine Morrison Jennings (daughter of Hugh and Ruth) celebrated her birthday. Since she is a great baker, I expect there was a lovely cake to eat. Chris Leppard turned the big 18 and is finishing high school this year, as well as helping out on the farm, of course!

Erwin Hinzel is celebrating his 70th birthday, still a young boy and liking his Sugar Fx! Christine Acton, a former dental hygienist, celebrated another special day, as did Frank VanVeghel. Frank started in construction, but the last few years has been deep in gluten-free baking flour.

Heather Moore was another birthday girl and is always busy helping husband Mike on the farm and raising her two farmer sons. Special wishes to Ann Barrett on her birthday! Ann always has a funny tale to tell about her days as the Animal Control officers for our area. Special birthday wishes also to our own Carol Johnson, who continues to support our church by sending our special notices to the members and being on various committees.

Another special birthday wish goes out to our own Bill Richardson. Bill is a master of so many trades and crafts. He is amazing. Something needs to be done, ask Bill, and it will be!

Deborah and Dwight Clements have had the pleasure of babysitting their two young grandchildren, ages 2 and 5; while their parents, Chris and Nyssa, prepare to move the family to Abbotsford, BC, next month Chris has obtained a position as lecturer at the university.

Everyone is happy about the move, but Deborah and Dwight will certainly miss having their grandchildren fairly close to them. Best wishes to Amanda Nigh (daughter of Marilyn and Brad of Sandford), who married Owen Schell, son of Walter and Cheryl from Haliburton, on March 20th, 2021. They were married in a small family-only wedding due to COVID restrictions. Amanda works for Athletes Canada in Ottawa as Manager of Communications and Marketing, and Owen is a HVAC technician at Sequin Morris and works in various places. They live in Orleans, a suburb of Ottawa.

Sunday, May 16th was listed as Ascension Sunday, commemorating the day when Christ ascended into heaven traditionally 40 days after Easter, which would have been Thursday.

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