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Another summery week cooled off a bit for the holiday weekend. To me and many others, a holiday is just another day of the week, especially during the pandemic. Sadly, while many farmers were happy there was warm weather earlier, now we need rain badly as the newly sprouted crops are withering in the fields. You have to be a real gambler to be a farmer and the stakes are high whatever happens!

It is amazing though how quickly everything is growing and changing in the garden while the earlier flowers lasted ever so long. The fruits trees; apples, pears, cherries, service berries, are quickly losing those beautifully coloured petals to the heat and wind. I am just hoping there were a lot more bees and pollinating insects in there than I saw or the crop will be slight again this year. The air is full of perfume with all the lilacs blooming. I have eight in full bloom and another six that will bloom later. Some of these I did not plant. I suspect I have the birds to thank!

As I have mentioned before, Carol O’Neil often inserts tidbits of info before she even gets to her service and here is one for this week. While looking for her mother’s rhubarb crisp recipe, she found another recipe to pass on, Recipe for Happiness:

Take a cup of kindness, Add a dash of charity, Mix with understanding Add a bit of courtesy, Top it off with patience, Sprinkle liberally with cheer Serve generously to everyone you meet throughout the year.

Bob Kirvan informs me the number of people signed up for horseshoe pitching at the museum is now 51! Unfortunately only five people could play at a time and as of now, play cannot begin before July 6th! I am sure there must be a way to begin before that date, especially since most players will have their first, and perhaps their second vaccine before long. We are also hoping they might attend the museum for the Uxbridge Scott Historical meetings this fall since everyone of those 51 people are now members, as an added bonus.

Congratulations to Robyn Ottolini whose song “F-150” written by her, is now the most played song on Canadian Country Radio! She’s making it big!

Lots of birthdays this week so we will start with Alicia Neskar Moore whose parents are Brenda and Brian Moore. Then there is Susan Weatherup, daughter of Doris and Ron Stewart. Susan works in the office for her brother Jeff while he is out fixing your computer.

More ladies such as Margaret Davison celebrated a birthday. Margaret is one of our Trinity United Church Women (UCW) friends. After her comes Susan Risebrough, who has three lovely daughters, and keeps husband Mike in line. Somehow Jenny van Maurik also celebrated. I am sure she misses swimming but will be keeping busy until all activities are back.

Grant Elford grew up here but his mom Lois tells me he has lived in Abbotsford B.C. Where he worked for many years at John Deere before retiring. Stan Smalley grew up here and is still here after raising his five kids with wife Amy and keeping the farm going and growing. Bruce Pickett also grew up around Uxbridge but now lives a bit south of here.

Sherri Siegrist grew up in Uxbridge. Her dad Tom owned and operated the “five and dime” store, on Brock Street, for many years, after her grandfather Les. Another name we all know, and see often, is our councilor Pam Beach. Pam keeps busy with municipality affairs and teaching her granddaughter to be as great a cook as she is!

A couple of younger birthday were celebrated by Chandler Ball, son of LeeAnn and David. Sylvie Clark, sort of a middle daughter for Marcie and Brad has learned to hold her own.

A very special congratulations to a young lady who turned 90 on the 21st! This is Frieda Campbell. Frieda has spent a long lifetime here. Once known as Frieda Hill, she has been married to Jim Campbell for many years and the two are well known for contributing and volunteering in anything Uxbridge. Congratulations to all these great people who, I am willing to bet, never thought they would be spending another birthday in lockdown!

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