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A busy week with many activities happening! A hot week but with much-needed rain for many of us and, hopefully, for those who have not been getting much. And that might be your neighbour on the next concession or down the street, so strange is the pattern of rainfall. It is a conundrum about rainfall because, as needed as it is and as beneficial to most plants, it often ruins the blossoms on those plants at the same time.

The Leaskdale Loop was reported to be quite a success this past Saturday, as the number of visitors increased in most venues. I hear it is advertised as part of the Durham Region tourist incentive to drive the back roads. With all the construction on our highways, often that is the best plan anyway!

On Wednesday, 17th, the Maud Squad served their final five-course tea of the year, and, as always, it was greatly enjoyed. I was there three times this summer, and the faces I saw were different each time. Following this meal, everyone retired upstairs, where we were treated to another amazing presentation on the one-woman play, “Maud of Leaskdale”. This was the short version being only about an hour long.

A number of years ago, I heard the very first presentation, which was two hours long, and several years later, a version of 1 ½ hr. long. Regardless, it never ceases to amaze me how Jennifer Carroll can talk for so long without playing off of other actors, as in most plays. A remarkable ability! Playwright and director Conrad Boyce was in attendance. Three more mid-length versions were presented this past weekend.

Friday Night at the Foster had great attendance to hear Chris Saunders and friends, one his son, as they played several instruments and sang some very lovely numbers. Following the final number, they were given a standing ovation and given another number. Next week will be a very different type of musical night with the Shimoda family returning with their Baroque music, played on recorder, harpsichord and other baroque instruments.

This weekend, of course, was the return of “Art in the Park.” Saturday was a very hot day, but the crowd was good, perhaps partly because Sunday was forecast to be wet. However, only a few dribbles of rain fell dampened nothing, especially the spirits of vendors or visitors. It never ceases to amaze how creative these folk are, whether it’s clothing, the various forms of painting, metal work, jewelry, lawn accessories, and so many other things. There seemed to be more vendors than previously, so, probably, that’s due to pent-up creativity in the last couple of years.

Next Sunday, August 28th, don’t forget that Heritage Day at the Uxbridge Scott Museum will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Many things have been planned for your entertainment as we get back to some of the good old days. Please plan to attend!

Anniversary wishes go out to Mike and Susan Pegg Risebrough as they celebrate their 30th anniversary. This seems impossible to me as Mike was another of those little kids I watched growing up, but they have created a very prosperous farm through much hard work and also created three lovely daughters. One of whom will possibly take over the farm one of these days.

Another anniversary is being celebrated by Jen (Selwyn) and Gary Edwards. It is their 20th. They took a bit of time off to celebrate. As a nurse, Jen has been working full out as well as being a full-time cat rescuer and nursemaid. They also have two sons, one starting university shortly.

Topping these anniversaries is the one being celebrated by Shirley and Don Hewlett because they are celebrating their 67th! The Hewletts lived most of their life farming in Zephy but now take it easier on the river, not too far away.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Vanessa Rose, whose parents are Janet Cox and James Rose. Vanessa lives in her grandmother Evelyn’s house on the Cox farm on the 6th. When I went south to work many years ago, I gave my beautiful long-haired white cat to Janet and Vanessa, and they took such good care of her that she lived to the age of 18.

Happy birthday also to Lynn Roach-Bernier, who lives in Uxbridge but travels the world and takes others with her. Several of my friends have travelled on her tours which generally are for women only. We wish her more happy travels.

Lastly, happy birthday to Keith Doucette! Keith elected not to celebrate at home, perhaps because his mother Wilma very recently passed away, and it’s always a sad time.

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