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Another busy week as we get so close to the end of another month. Where does the time go? I know I have been busy most of the time, especially working in my garden. The world continues to deal with major heat and fires on our continent, floods and disastrous rains in Europe and China while many other parts of the world also deal with problems due to weather, war and famine. We are blessed to live where we do!

Many people are or have celebrated their birthdays this week. Bill Barton, son of Mary and Wallace, was born and raised right across the road from where I live. Now he is taking it easier by living in town. Bill in 82 but he is beaten by the Dandelion Lady, Eleanor Beer Todd, who is 88 and still dancing! My good friend Donnalea Thompson, who was born and raised on the 6th and now lives in Alberta, she moved there from BC a year or so ago, also had a birthday. Among many other skills she has taken up quilting and has already produced some masterpieces. She has patterns from both her mother and grandmother!

Steve Hackner, younger son of Bruce and Ona, runs his own Home Improvement Business and lives with wife and children in Niagara Falls, and is also now a grandfather. Rick Bagshaw, son of Bill and Eleanor (Beare), enjoyed his birthday. Janet McTavish Morton also had a great birthday and the weather was perfect for all these, including Jim Corrigan who lived and went to school in Uxbridge but now lives elsewhere but keeps in touch.

The Ashton Clan held a family party on the farm Saturday afternoon to celebrate the 79th birthday of mother/grandmother and great-grandmother Faye (79) and father, grandfather, great-grandfather Keith (84). Fortunately there was a large shed handy because it poured rain well into the evening but it was great to see family after such a long time.

Sunday afternoon I had a birthday party for myself, just a few family and friends at Wooden Sticks then back to the ranch for a delicious cake. My twin is Earle Lockerby, born the same day and year and for both of us actually on Monday. I missed the birthday of Earle’s wife Heidi, who passed the landmark on June 10th. My dear friend and former co-worker for 25 years, Isabelle Smith celebrated her birthday on Monday. Best wishes for continued health and strength. She is also already back to volunteering with Chances Are.

Congratulations to Mike and Heather Moore on their anniversary. They spent the day bringing in the harvest together! I am sure Gwen Lyons was more than happy to travel to New Brunswick. She visited with son Kevin and family as it had been a long time since they were together.

Notice has been received that our friend Bob Meek is no longer at Butternut Manor but has moved to his son David’s home in Verner, near Sudbury. A long ways away! This information was shared by daughter Carol Mallett, who lives in Ottawa. He will be greatly missed but he has already been fishing and we know how he enjoys that!

Bit of wisdom! “If people stopped looking for things that offend them, and started looking for things that inspire them, I’m sure we would have a better country!”

Since there was no published news last week this is an add-on. It’s been a wet week but the crops are loving it, especially if it’s not something which has to be harvested right away, and the grass is thick and lush.

Flowers such as daylilies are at their peak and already some have opened all their buds to amazing blossoms. People are showing off the first fruits such as zucchini, tomatoes and even peppers and next door, The Cidery is already making cider from harvested apples.

Sad news came again this week with the death of Ken Watts. Ken was 96 and a great supporter of the Horseshoe pitching group. His wife passed away not many months ago and it must have been a lonely time for him as they were always together. I first met them when Epsom United Church had the Community Care lunches. They attended every week and continued when Epsom quit. They still were going to Uxbridge when it closed because of COVID. He will be greatly missed as is his wife.

Happy birthday first to Ryan Stemp, born 50 years ago, raised in Uxbridge, son of Harry, husband of Tammy. They live in West Lorne.

Happy birthday also to Dr. Vince Winder who is 85! Vince had his Chiropractic office on Brock Street for many years in Uxbridge with a large number of patients. I was one many long years ago when I tore the cartilage in my knee, broad-jumping at a high school field day!

Dianne Bennett (with 2 n’s) lives in Zephyr and has a lovely garden in which to spend her birthday, when it’s not raining. Dianne is the treasurer for Zephyr United Church. When Rev. Diane Bennett-Jones was here we had to think twice about whom we were speaking of.

Happy birthday also to Walter Campbell, artist extraordinaire! His many paintings grace a good many homes and large offices and his yearly calendar (until COVID) was highly anticipated.

Best wishes for a wonderful 5th anniversary to Rachel and Graeme Arnaud. Rachel (Sutherland) was a former assistant curator at the Uxbridge Scott Museum and they met during that time.

More wisdom: Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish them!

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