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Another lovely week and some people even got rain! We got rain; it seemed like quite a bit on Thursday, but when I dug to plant three fairly large pots of flowers on Friday, the soil below the surface was bone dry. So it just keeps watering from my overflowing water barrels.

By the time many of you read this, it will already be September, the last long holiday weekend of the summer and the return to school for children of all ages. Some university students have already gone to make their acquaintance with their dorm or find accommodation. It hardly seems possible the summer has passed, but we can hope the autumn stays nice well into 2023.

It seems that so many events are happening now after being cooped up for two years. It’s almost too much to handle in some ways, but there are many catch-ups. In some cases, community groups need to make money to carry on their projects both here and worldwide. Last week was Art in the Park, this week it was Heritage Day, this weekend Port Perry Fair, and in two weeks’ time, the Uxbridge Fair. And during all this, the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society is hosting a new play directed by Conrad Boyce, “Rainbow Valley.” Check their Facebook page for new ads for dates and times.

Today was heritage Day at the Uxbridge Scott Museum/Heritage Centre. It was an interesting day, and I spent much of my afternoon chatting to folks not seen for a while and viewing many interesting crafts and exhibits. My friends from WindReach Farm were spinning wool from the sheep they raise there and flax, which I had not seen before. A number of articles produced there were for sale, all to the beautiful music of Jonathon and his autoharp.

In the hall is a new exhibit, very well done, about Uxbridge. They have kept many of the old artifacts. I had to laugh, though, when I was reading the piece about the early pharmacists and the doctors of Uxbridge. I called the young lady over and pointed out to her Dr. Mellow and druggists Willis and Pollock, telling her Dr. Mellow was my doctor as a child, and I knew both those druggists. Her reply? “That’s weird!”

Next weekend, September 3rd, is also the Durham Regions Ploughmen’s Association match held at the farm of Keith, Faye, Robert and Allison Ashton, 125 Medd Road. Actually, it will be held on the south side of the road, on the farm that belonged to my parents until purchased by Keith and Faye (their other daughter). The President of this organization is Gerrit Herrema, while Jim and Norma (Smith) Ferguson are the secretaries.

Happy birthday to Emily MacDonald, 26, one of the lovely daughters of Mike and Tish MacDonald. Best wishes also to James Kamstra. James is a very accomplished naturalist, has led a number of nature tours, spent some time in Belize researching and is presently the President of the North Durham Nature Group. He and Linda have two sons and live in Utica.

Happy birthday also goes to sisters Doris Evans Hockley and Doreen Pickett, who, because they were two of the three triplets born to Wilfred and Gladys Evans 81 years ago, celebrate the same day. Sadly their brother David passed away a few weeks ago.

Happy birthday also to a dear friend Marie Simpson Wilson! Marie married Earl Wilson, who grew up on the farm next to us, now farmed by son Scott and family. Big wishes go to Olivia Kokkinen, who reached her 20th with lots of beach balls in with studying. Olivia is the daughter of Derek and Sylvia Risebrough Kokkinen. Olivia’s cousin, Melissa Risebrough Briggs, celebrated her 40th birthday at about the same time. Melissa is the daughter of David and Judy Warren Risebrough and is happily married with two great kids.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Don and Elaine Cordingley, who celebrated their 54th anniversary lately. Apparently, their daughter Laura and husband Brett Hanson were married on the same date but 51 years later. Much happiness to both couples!

Karen and Ryan Tindal have celebrated their 20th anniversary of marriage but many more years of togetherness. That continues as they pursue the dream of their farmers market, just completing their interesting shop north of Leaskdale and being able to sell all kinds of organic produce. Continued success is wishes for them.

Best wishes also go to Doug Ferris and his lovely wife, who are celebrating 33 years of married bliss. Doug is a former teacher, a wonderful musician with his own band, and also a divinity student at Emmanuel College. Doug was the worship leader at Sandford United Churches’ Anniversary last year and had graciously consented to fill that role again this year on October 16th. Please keep that date in mind. Our musician will be the wonderful Melinda Delorme.

Brian Smith is following in dad Bruce’s footsteps as he tours for his employer. This time it was to New Brunswick where has was surveying Lexion combines. Good to get around and see some very different countries.

Church for the Sandford Zephyr Charge will open on September 11th, with the services being held at Zephyr for the month. Pastor Gord Shreeves is scheduled to take the 11th and 18th and Rick McKinley for the 25th. October is anniversary month again!

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