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Autumn days are upon us! Over the last few days, many of the trees have been noticeably changing colour. I am tempted to say “autumn daze”, as it seems there is so much to do at this time of year. Driving around it appears a good deal of the soy bean and corn crops have been harvested. Reports are that the corn was inconsistent, depending on the type of soil and the amount of rain we received. There are a number of farmer’s markets around, and they’re loaded with produce, especially a huge variety of squash and pumpkins.

Happy birthday to Cyndi Jacobs, famous for her flute playing with the Uxbridge band! Birthday wishes also go out to Nancy Threan Loraine of Leaskdale, who lead a number of mission trips to the Caribbean. Dawson Ball, older son of David and LeeAnn, is 19 already and is a second year student at Ridgetown Agricultural College. He studied online last year.

Happy birthday to our own Jean Scott Sopel! Jean is a busy girl, especially now as the courts get back to normal. Jean has been Sandford UC’s wonderful treasurer for years.

Anniversary wishes go out to two great couples: Ron and Ellen (Walker) Smalley celebrated 36 years of married bliss, and some very talented children into the bargain; Kim and Mike Kelland beat them by one year, having been married for 37 years! Sadly, for her customers, Kim has decided to sell her clothing store and retire. Best retirement wishes too!

Other businesses closing/for sale are Bredin Bakery, which has been on lower Brock for many years and produced a tide of delicious goodies, which will be greatly missed by all their customers. Also closing, or selling (not sure which one) is John’s Garden, a wonderful garden centre south of town. I know many people have spent enjoyable hours there and more at home enjoying the plants they purchased. John has decided he needs some free time after operating for 15 years.

Tish MacDonald has announced the veteran banners are being strung around town (for the 7th year). There are so many now that they stretch far off the main street and show just how proud residents are of our veterans.

Best wishes to Earle Lockerby who was having some medical issues and now, after having a pacemaker inserted, is ready to start the race again! Heidi and he were staying with their daughter Lisa in town. During this time Heidi also learned a dear friend has passed away. Saturday was the 3rd Leaskdale Loop event. Three of us volunteered to spend some time at the Foster. We had 45 people come in but, sadly, we were not able to show them inside, just by pictures and Conrad’s “Jewel on the Hill” book. Most of these folk lived in the area but this was their first time in the place so we hope they will come back when our “Friday’s at the Foster” series of concerts begin again in May or June. The year has been filled by artists wishing to sing/play in this venue!

The Scott Uxbridge Heritage Museum has a busy schedule organized for October. A Truth and Reconciliation was set up in honour of Orange Shirt Day and Truth and Reconciliation Day.

On October 22nd, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Cultural Days, there will be a free tour of quilts owned by the museum and handmade by local ladies. They also plan some digital “ask the Curator days” when you can get your questions answered. The Uxbridge Scott Historical Society is back in action and planning a virtual annual meeting later on. The position of President, Vice President, and Treasurer, will be vacant and looking for volunteers.

Congratulations to a couple of wonderful naturalist leaders of our North Durham Nature Group. Cara Gregory is a young lady who works at the Nonquon Education Centre but has obtained a number of other nature related achievements.

She has now been elected as President of Ontario Nature, the largest conservation group in the country. Geoff Carpentier is an internationally known author, tour leader and much more, and has added the Ontario Nature Award to his long list of achievements!

Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law, Faye and Keith Ashton, who, on Tuesday, celebrated their 60th anniversary!

Sunday October 10th, you may make donations of cash to the food banks for Thanksgiving.

October 17th is Sandford’s 170th/122nd Anniversary and October 24th is Zephyr’s Anniversary. All are welcome!

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