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This week I was planning on taking a drive through the country to photograph the changing colours. But on closer inspection, the trees that are usually brightly coloured are already losing their leaves and not even reaching their full potential. This is a big disappointment, and the first year, I have not taken pictures of the changing seasons for a very long time.

We have had some beautiful weather and then some rainy, windy days. Still, one day I saw several species of dragonflies, and butterflies, neither of which have been very plentiful this year. One of the butterflies was a monarch, quite late in the season.

Last year I raised and released 25 adult butterflies. In contrast, this year, I only found six caterpillars and only four of those developed normally and flew off to Mexico, I hope.

I came across this little poem about milkweeds. The only plant monarchs lay eggs on. I had not heard it before, entitled Dainty Milkweed Babies, written by Eleanor Smith:

Dainty milkweed babies wrapped in cradles green, Rocked by Mother Nature, fed by hands unseen. Brown coats have the darlings, slips of milky white And wings – but that a secret, they are folded out of sight. The cradles grow so narrow, what will the babies do? They only grow the faster and look up towards the blue, And now they’ve found the secret, they’re flying through the air They’ve left the cradles empty – do milkweed babies care?

We start our celebrations this week with birthday wishes to Nan Hill. Nan and Grant farmed in Zephyr for many years but retired and moved to Uxbridge. Grant passed away a couple of years ago. They had three children, all successful in what they do. Birthday wishes also go out to Mayor Dave Barton.

Happy birthday also to Darlene Hallett! Darlene lives closer to Little Britain. She is a Licensed Lay Worship Leader and has taken a number of our church services in the past several years. Birthday greeting also to Marion Low! Marion was a young patient to mine, and then later, I recall her working at the Dry Cleaners.

Arlene Stearman also celebrated a birthday. Arlene was born and lived on the farm just north of me to Cloyne and Jeannette Stearman. Arlene studied Geology and has spent many years travelling Canada studying rock formations and many interesting phenomena.

Happy birthday to Cecil Blackburn, born and raised on the farm way up the 6th concession, with sisters Sally, Luanne, and brother Bert. Happy birthday to Rob Croxall, who keeps busy with his Stouffville pharmacy and keeps track of his wife, Rev. Karen. In their 90s parents, Corinne and Ted, are still going concerns.

Belated anniversary wishes to Bill and Ricki Keysers, who have been married 65 years! They have lived in Uxbridge for the majority of those years and raised their family. Daughter Dorothy was the first child born in the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital. If they change the name of the hospital, does that mean she wasn’t born? We know different as she has definitely made her mark, musically and otherwise, on the town, as have her parents. Bill was co-owner with Harry Stemp for many years with the Uxbridge Printing Co. and publishing the Uxbridge Times Journal. It is always a pleasure to see and chat with them, although that hasn’t happened for some time.

Best wishes to young Mack Moore, who is among the finalists in the Pole Bending competition at the Ram Rodeo Tour Championships at Orangeville this coming weekend. She and Satan are quite the team!

Several upcoming events at the Museum are starting this coming weekend! Contact them to sign up for these events, which run until after the end of the month.

October 30th is Lucy Maud Montgomery Day, a special day of celebration. You can join online or in-person for the lectures in the morning. There is also a lunch and a performance of the one-woman play “Maud of Leaskdale” written by Conrad Boyce. Consult their website to register.

Sunday was the 170th/123th anniversary of Sandford United Church. Although we couldn’t sing, it was a festival of music with the talented voice and fingers of Melinda Delorme singing the hymns and several solo numbers. Doug Ferris provided the message, as well as providing a great voice and a beautiful song.

A number of parishioners were honoured for their contribution to the church over the years. Due to illness, several could not be in attendance. They were: Norm and Carol Meek, Bill and Sheila Richardson, Cor and Jenny VanMaurik, Marilyn Dobbie and Norma Scott. We thank them for their service to our church. Next week will be Zephyrs anniversary, at 10 a.m.

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