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Just when my garden was getting dry enough to work in, it rains again. The water table should be well up this fall in preparation for next year. My niece in Lethbridge, Alberta, was saying how very dry it is there, and so far, they have had no snow, from where most of their moisture for growing crops and gardens the following year comes from. I am sure they will get that snow. Last year it was over two feet high in their park. I’ll take the rain!

On Friday, I picked the last of my dahlias; Facebook reminded me that I picked last year’s bouquet almost the same day. Mind you, there are hundreds of buds. It is doubtful they will get a chance to bloom since this week promises several very cold days. We will know by the time you read this!

Happy birthday wishes go out to John Leppard, who runs a beef operation north of here. Recently a few of their cattle wanted a taste of freedom, and for several days they hung out in neighbour fields and finally got into one where they could be trapped and finally driven back home.

On Facebook, there was a similar story about the same time, but with more cattle involved and the neighbours all got together and rounded them up. The commentator talked about uncommon neighbourliness, but I had to tell them that we had such an example in Uxbridge Township!

One young lady whose name you all know, Julian Kelland, also celebrated a birthday. Julian has made a name for herself with her singing, and no doubt is only beginning her successful career.

Happy 48th anniversary to Pam and Ed Beach. Ed runs a very successful farm operation while Pam takes care of business at the Township council. She has a great time teaching her granddaughter to bake as successfully as she does, even at four years old!

Also celebrating an anniversary were Les and Erin Smith. Although Les grew up in Sandford, they now live in Sunderland, where Les works as a heavy equipment operator for Millar paving. Erin trained as a massage therapist. They have three children.

Our sympathies go out to the family of Dorothy Simpson, who passed away early this week. She and her husband Jack had lived in the Cannington Bon Air nursing home for a number of years, but he passed away several years ago. They had three children but also raised some 20 foster children over the years. Dorothy was the sister-in-law to Grace Evans, Lois Elford and Marie Wilson.

On Thursday night, a special virtual program took place by Durham Farm Connections. Since there was no program last year due to COVID, awards covered both 2020 and 2021. Entitled “Spirit of Agriculture” awards were handed out to several families and individuals.

The special guest speaker was Jessica Phoenix. Ken Lamb of Port Perry was the first recipient. The Lamb family have farmed in the same place for many years. The winner of the 2020 Leadership Awards was Gerrit Herrema, well known to all of us, while the winner for 2021 was Ryan Cullen.

The 2020 farm Family Award went to the Ashton Family, Keith, Faye, Rob, Allison, Hayley (the future farmer), Carter and Noah! So proud of them all! There is another couple of generations before that lived on the same farm!

The winner for 2021 was the Lockie-Rush family of Zephyr. They are now on the third generation, as Allen and Betty started it. Allen passed away earlier this year, but Betty still lives in AMICA in Newmarket. The operation is carried on now by Kim and Darryl Rush and their daughter, congratulations to them as well.

Those taking part could order a charcuterie box of goodies, which was put together by Mary Bierema Evans, who made up 67 of these fantastic goody boxes!

On Sunday following church services, a group of about 20 ladies from the Goodwood and Epsom sphere of influence enjoyed a lovely lunch at Woodensticks in honour of a former minister Edith Ann McMannaman–Shantz, after spending 35 years in the same churches in Toronto is finally retiring. Thirty-five years in a charge is a record that won’t often be beaten! She and her husband live in Scarborough, and she is ready to enjoy her new freedom! Congratulations, and enjoy!

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