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Lots of farmers are still harvesting, trying to beat winter, and I think they will win this year. Although we have had a few small touches of frost, nothing serious, and any snow we got has melted before noon. When the machines were out in the cornfield, I recall when you could barely see anything for the snow falling and blowing. Thank goodness for tractors and harvester with cabs and heat, and radios and who knows what else!

I love Christmas carols, but I don’t appreciate it when stores start playing them at this time of the year. At least they could wait until December. Christmas merchandise is on full display at most stores, and with all the hype about the possibility of shortness of articles due to the delivery hold-up all over the world, they are probably doing a brisk business.

However, if you want to help out local craftspeople, there are a lot of Christmas markets here and in our neighbouring towns. The Leaskdale Loop was held this past Saturday, with many local artists displaying their crafts, baking, etc.

I hope you watched the Santa Parade on Saturday, in Uxbridge. It started right on time, moved along at an appropriate pace, and there was a bigger number than usual of floats, marchers and businesses taking part. Most floats had some kind of music playing. The only thing I missed were other bands with colourful uniforms and different instruments. As a whole, it was a great parade and well organized.

Following the parade, Beta Sigma Phi sorority and some husbands went to Elgin Park, where many groups were busily setting up their displays for Fantasy of Lights. We did the same, and I have never seen so many busy people there all at once. It is going to be a spectacular sight so be sure not to miss it. Hopefully, it will not need to be cut short this year as so much work goes into it.

Birthday wishes this week go out to Gord Elford. Gord is the older son of the late Harry Elford and his wife Lois, who still lives in Town. Gord was one of those who took part faithfully in the horseshoe pitching evenings!

Best wishes also to Rev. Carol Baggett. Carol is the wife of Rick McKinley, who led our church service this past Sunday. Carol is a retired United Church Minister who has also taken several of our services in the past couple of years. She was at home for her birthday while her husband was with us that morning.

Anniversary wishes go out to Jennifer Neveu-Campsall and her husband, Scott Campsall. Both of them keep very fit with their Okami Kai Martial Arts and Fitness business. At the same time, Jennifer still teaches voice and instrumental music.

I had the pleasure of visiting with Marilyn Dobie, her daughter Eve-lynn and her son-in-law Mark, following church on Sunday. There are so many people who are not always able to get out, and we see that more and more.

Dorothy Baker is a resident at Butternut Manor but has been in and out of the hospital a few times. We certainly hope she will not need to go again. No doubt she would welcome a visit.

Peter Doling is another of our congregation who is now unable to get out. I am sure he misses it very much. Earlier this year, he wrote a history of his life which was very interesting to read. I hope more older folk will do that because times are changing so fast. The younger people have no idea how their parents and grandparents grew up!

The Zephyr Community is hosting a Bag of Books, Craft and Bake sale on Saturday, November 27th. That’s this Saturday already, at the Community Centre, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You are asked to bring your own bags and follow COVID protocols.

As I said previously, Rick McKinley was our guest minister this past Sunday, with Ruth Baker on piano and her granddaughter Alayna on violin. They made some very beautiful music. Most of us are just itching to sing, and hopefully, we will be doing that before very long, even with our masks on.

Last Sunday, Carol O’Neil was with us, and we were all very happy to have Nancy Wolfe back with us on the organ. Unfortunately, although we have a number of musicians, no one else knows how to play the organ, so it was a treat to hear it and have her with us.

This coming week Carol is back with us, and Ruth and Alayna. The following week is the first Sunday of Advent. Seems impossible to think we are that far along in this year. We will have services in Zephyr during the month of December.

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