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As this is the final column of 2021, let me wish all of you a Christmas filled with the true meaning of Christmas. Never mind, we keep hearing about the supply chain and how you might not find all the gifts you want to give; the numbers of cases of COVID-19 are escalating at an enormous rate and you may have to cancel your parties. That’s not really Christmas, as the Grinch found out.

Although so many events are already cancelled, people are finding other ways to bring Christmas cheer to family, friends and community, i.e. UHS choir busking on the street. That’s more like the Christmas spirit, and the more everyone follows the directives of our health experts, the sooner we will be out from under this and able to celebrate again in a more literal sense. So, I wish everyone, not “have a merry Christmas” but “have a Happy Truly-Christmas Spirited Christmas.”

This is always the time when various social groups, or community organizations, gather for a time of fun and celebration, but the last couple of years have taught us there is more than one way to gather. Some can still safely meet in-person under strict protocols, others are relying more on our virtual ways, such as Zoom.

Last week, the Uxbridge Genealogy Group met at the Legion for their Christmas party. All signed in as double vaccinated. Then seated around a large table, we discussed many things, including some items related to genealogy!

The following Monday, our sorority Xi Epsilon Upsilon met at Wixen Bridge for lunch. Again, they took names and checked our vaccine passports before allowing entry. It was a fun lunch, but we missed the four members, not with us, mostly because they are in Florida, taking a chance.

On Wednesday, the Horticultural Society held their Annual General Meeting over Zoom. Every organization seems to be finding it harder and harder to find members willing to accept positions on the executive level, so we thank those who have taken up, or are continuing to hold, officer positions. Hopefully by April, when the meetings resume, we will be over the worst of this.

As for the North Durham Nature, all recent meetings were on Zoom. One advantage to this is the speaker can be miles away and neither they nor the members have to drive long distances to take part in the meeting. I, and several Uxbridge people, also belong to the Pickering naturalists and they have proceeded in the same fashion. The Christmas Bird Counts are coming up shortly. I think, this year they are both on December 27th, so if you are interested, contact Derek Connelly and get on a team, or setup in your living room. Birds are real!

I enjoy most meetings this virtual way. What I do not enjoy is Telemedicine. I haven’t experienced virtual medicine yet, but I don’t expect to like it any better. I want to see my doctor and talk face to face and not have to repeat my problems to several others along the way.

Happy birthday to Bri Walcot, nee Meek, on her birthday! Brie and her husband Grant are still celebrating the birth of their recently born baby son. Birthday wishes also go to Rev. Stephanie Richmond, minister of Greenbank and Seagrave churches. Besides being a spiritual leader, Stephanie is also a talented artist in various ways. Happy birthday too, to Rev. Glenn Ball! Although Glenn was born just up the road from here, he has been away for many years and presently serves as minister at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Brandon Manitoba.

Birthday wishes to Eve-Lynn Swan. Besides many other things, Eve-Lynn looks after the Facebook page for Uxbridge Genealogy Group. Both Larry and Gerald Ross observed their birthday this week which must have kept Morley and Laura busy with two parties to host.

Another birthday girl was Carol Smith nee Hodgkins. You might say, Carol comes from Leaskdale where her father, Arnold, setup his famous art gallery, but she has lived many years now in the Port Perry area. Birthday wishes to another Uxbridge lady, Judy Risebrough, nee Warren. Along with her several lovely grandchildren, Judy has been kept busy in her position of examining the various wishes of the populous for the Uxbridge downtown core rejuvenation.

Congratulations to Leslie Barr-Joosten Campbell, in her continuous search to make music. She has joined with two other ladies, calling themselves The Celebration Trio. The Trio are looking for places at which entertain.

This Sunday, December 19th, is the final Sunday for services of the Sandford-Zephyr congregations. All are welcome. The tree is being decorated with hats, mitts or socks, which will be given to the Mount Albert Food Bank following the service. Christmas Eve service will also be held at Zephyr with our own Adele Boy as leader. Please let Linda Wagg know if you plan to attend, 6:30 p.m.

Sandford in January!

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