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Sunday morning, I listen to more than one local church service since Sandford and Zephyr have not yet resumed in-person services. During the service from Port Perry, Rev. Tom Hall started with a Greek fable, which I have read many times. I think it was in our old school reader, called ‘Golden Window’ many years ago.

The story goes that the wind and the sun decide to have a contest to determine which could make a traveller remove his cloak. The wind went first, and he huffed, and he puffed, and he tried his hardest to make the traveller remove his coat, but the man just clutched it closer with each gust of wind.

The sun tried, first sending down some warm rays, and after a few minutes, the traveller undid his coat. The sun sent down some hotter summer rays, and pretty soon, the traveller removed his coat because he was too hot. The moral is that persuasion works better than force. A great story in light of all the division going on right now!

Also, during the service, a local couple sang several of the hymns. I have heard them sing with the choir before. The couple were Barbara Taylor-Bone and Wally Bone. Turns out Wally is who I thought he was, one of the children of Bob and Thelma Bone, who lived in Zephyr and raised their children there for many years. Bob and Thelma were deeply involved in the work of the church there. They are buried in the cemetery there.

Another of our local veterans passed away this week in the person of George Robson. George had a very interesting career during WW2, moving from the Norwegian Navy, the Canadian Army to the Military police, being honourably discharged in 1946. He was 15 when he started! The number of our veterans is gradually decreasing as time passes. We owe them a very big debt of gratitude for our freedom in this country.

Happy birthday to Jen Selwyn Edwards, one of our very dedicated nurses who has been working continuously and tirelessly regardless of harassment and other impediments to nursing care! Not only does she care tirelessly for humans, but she always has a houseful of cats that she is caring for as well.

Birthday wishes go out to Linda Morgan, who grew up, and has relatives still in the Sandford area. Best wishes also to Kathy Holdsworth, who lives in town and is involved in many community activities.

Another birthday girl is Ruth Murdock. Ruth lives in the U.S. with her pastor husband, but grew up close by here, and is a member of the large Noble family in the area. I knew her years ago when we were teens.

Deanne Sweet also celebrated a birthday this week with a party of a few close friends. I was questioning her where she grew up, thinking it was Zephyr, but it was the wrong family. Her husband lived on Davis Dr., but she lived on the 6th, one of the Yakeley clan, so she lived very close and now lives in town.

Most churches around are getting ready for their AGMs. Sandford and Zephyr United Churches will hold a joint gathering this year with a view to consolidating the board. It’s not something anyone wants but is becoming necessary due to the smaller numbers and ages of the congregants. Reports should have been sent off the Carol Johnson by this point.

The Uxbridge Scott Historical Society will be holding a virtual AGM meeting on Saturday, February 12th, at 10 a.m. It will be on the TEAM platform, which differs in some way from Zoom, I think. A note from Bob Kirvan asks that you RENEW your Membership in USHS by going to the Uxbridge Scott Historical Society website, putting in Membership and making a copy of the Membership Form and sending it to the address shown on the Membership Form.

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