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We are still in this yoyo weather mode. We got several nice days with warmer temperatures earlier last week, and much of the snow piled up from previous snows storms melted to lie in puddles around the yard. Then Wham! Three days of heavy snow and strong blowing wind! Now we have more snow than we had before, and it seems to be a waste of time even to shovel as the wind banks the snow up as soon as you finish.

A number of people have complained about roads not being plowed, but in many cases, they have been, but depending on the direction they run, they fill again quickly. Many accidents have occurred due to people getting stuck, not seeing where the road is, or other cars sharing the road with them. We will see what the next three days bring as the temperatures are supposed to be above freezing again!

To begin our list of birthdays, I am going to start with the indomitable Hazel McCallion. She was not always the most loved politician while in office for such a long time, but she certainly is a favourite now at 101 years old. She is a marvel really at what she accomplishes at that age; I can only hope to be half as active as she is!

Best wishes to Jackie Leppard, who is far away from being half Hazel’s age. Jackie keeps busy on their farm north on the 7th with her husband John, sons and two most beautiful dogs, of whom I always enjoy seeing photos. Happy birthday also to Donna Shier. Donna was one of the Lapp girls who was raised around Sandford and still has a few relatives around here. She worked for a number of years in the Toronto Dominion bank but now takes great pleasure in playing with her grandson.

Happy birthday also to Lois Ferguson Woody. The Woody family lived for many years in Leaskdale, on Little Ponderosa, a place she often refers to fondly. They have lived for years now in Virginia, drawn there by husband Jim’s work. Now they are retired. Lois was my sorority sister in Xi Epsilon Upsilon, and those who knew her from those days met again as she visited three years ago.

Happy birthday also to Mary Ann Orav! She and her husband Bob are both interested in the Foster activities and enjoy life on their farm. Best wishes also to life friend Betty Munro Somerville. Betty was raised north of Epsom and now lives on a farm near Seagrave with her husband Len, having raised children Melody and Matthew. Betty worked many years as a nurse.

Birthday greetings also to Darlene Cordingley. Darlene is the daughter of Don and Elaine and was raised right around here but now lives closer to Udora. Happy day greetings to Kimberley Kelland, who recently retired from working in her fashion store! She is now enjoying some leisure time. She also has a beautiful pair of cats that I admire!

Another lady with a birthday was Karyn Tindal. The Tindals have their farm up the 7th and are extremely busy with their market and new selling facilities, which they built just this past summer. They grow their own produce but are not content with all that work; Karyn seems forever busy baking up a storm and selling special gift boxes of goodies for special occasions!

This week, one lone male, at least from around here, was Harry Paisley. The Paisley family lived up the 6th, and father George sold snowmobiles for many years, along with farming.

The boys at one time cared for a large flock of goats and were part of a small goat club around here. Harry now lives around Sunderland and works for Kubota.

I was saddened to see the passing of Jean Jones. Jean and her husband Mel have lived up the 7th, near Leaskdale, since 1960. They had five children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I knew Jean and Mel from various community activities, but I remember her best from her work in the post office. It was always such a pleasure to spend a few moments chatting with her about all kinds of things, and she was so pleasant and kind to everyone. She had been living in Douglas Crossing since 2019. She will be greatly missed.

A little something to think about: “When you light another’s candle, you lose nothing of your own. You just produce more light!”

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