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Another week of turmoil! While not in our country, many Canadians are affected by it as Russia invades Ukraine. Many Canadians have Ukrainian ancestry and still have friends and relatives there. Street scenes, underground subway stations, and other places provide some sort of safety that may not last. These people are in a real fight for freedom! I understand the sunflower is their national flower. For us, sunflowers brighten up our gardens in late summer and fall.

Here is a short poem: We know that the sunflower follows the sun all day. “Ah! Sunflower weary of time, who countest the steps of the sun, Seeking after the sweet golden clime, where the travelers journey is done.”

Early last week Marilyn Dobie called me to say her sister Fern had passed away. Marilyn last saw her in 2016 when at age 84, she drove to Saskatchewan, alone, to see her. Marilyn was born in Hanley, Saskatchewan, and came to Ontario in 1952 with her husband George. Our deepest sympathies to Marilyn, Eve Lynn, Mark, and Eric.

Birthday wishes go out to a number of folks this week, the first to Eileen Wilson. Eileen works full time and is a font of knowledge about many things, particularly genealogy and problems with your computer. She served as president of the Uxbridge Genealogy Group for several years and has been on the board of some community organizations seeking to assist.

Joan Sine of Zephyr was a long-time employee of RBC as manager of client care but retired a couple of years ago now and spends more time with grandchild care. She and Ron have been very active in the Zephyr United Church.

Happy birthday to Kevin Smalley as once more we make the rounds of that talented family! Birthday wishes also to Steve Wilson. Steve just lives across the corner but we see each other seldom as he is busy with work, selling insurance, and his lovely wife Debbie.

Big birthday wishes also to my friend and sorority sister Laurie Bond. Laurie spent a number of years working in town with the Basters but now delights in working at Richters where she can be among all those lovely smelling flowers and herbs.

Happy birthday also to Henry, better known as Hank, Webster, a very recognized figure around the area for a lot of years as he takes on 91! Many more big one’s Hank!

A young lady with not quite so many years is Sarah Moore. Sarah does triple duty as she handles her own job, looks after daughter Mackenzie and all her riding exhibitions, and helps out husband Dan as they farm their large amounts of land. She really is a hardworking and exceptional lady!

Some more sad news, first that Bruce Harwood has been in hospital since Wednesday of this past week. We wish him a speedy recovery and return to his normal good health. Bruce just celebrated his 86th birthday on the 10th of February.

Linda Wagg sent word to the congregation that Sandra Botham had passed away on Saturday. Sandra and Wes live in Uxbridge now but Sandra was a former Zephyr person with Rynard and Bibby relatives in the community. Before the pandemic, they had been regular attendees and it was nice to have a chat with them at that time. Sandra had been sick for several weeks it seems and in hospital. Our deepest sympathies to Wes and their son Scott and family!

Word also came about the son of Betty Cutting. Brian was only 51 when he passed away very recently. I vaguely remember Betty but of course, never met he son. Our sympathies to any of that family as well.

On Sunday Carol O’Neil was the guest minister at Danford Mennonite Church again with an invitation to all of us as well to watch on Zoom. As usual, she had a very enlightening message, which centered on the experiences of Moses coming down from the mountain, and Jesus’ experience on the mountain with his disciples and the glowing faces. Carol will be our worship leader at Sandford for the first three Sundays of March as we begin in-person worship once more. On the fourth Sunday, Paul Reed will lead and, following the service, our Annual General Meeting will be held. Distancing and masking will still be enforced for everyone’s safety.

To think about: As you ramble through life, no matter your goal, keep your eye on the doughnut and not on the hole!

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