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Wow, this week we start summer already! Of course, when that happens, we also start to get shorter days. Remember when summer evenings always seemed so long? You could play outside for hours, it seemed, after a day of school or work. The forecast is for summery weather, so I expect shortly we will be hollering for rain again. Never satisfied, are we? Here is a lovely little poem by F. Scott Fitzgerald

It was only a sunny smile

and little it cost in the giving

But like morning light,

it scattered the night

And made the day worth living!

Birthday wishes go out this week, firstly to Marie Forsyth, who was 91. Marie worked for many years in Public Health, which is where I first met her about 1970. She is still a going concern and in good health, enjoying lunches and exercises. Birthday greetings also to one of our former ministers, Eiko Hosaka! Eiko has turned her hand to making Japanese Bento Boxes and has made a nice little business for herself and her small farm in the city. My friend and sorority sister Gloria Gorman also celebrated a birthday mid-month, and my friend Bob Kirvan, a constant dynamo, will be 88 on the 23rd. Bob is involved in many activities, including Trinity United Church, and especially now the Horseshoe games at the museum, which he organized. Happy birthday also to Dan Cearns, full-time columnist and writer for this paper. Dan has lots of interests in sports and keeps abreast of local events, but his downtime is spent with his kittens.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Louise (Weir) and Steve Lougheed, who celebrated their 26th anniversary. Louise and Steve have two sons who are rapidly getting taller than them. John and Wilma Bakelaar also celebrated their anniversary, and I guarantee it is quite a bit longer than Louise and Steve, but I won’t hazard a guess. Best wishes to all those who are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, and I should also add I hope all of you fathers and grandfathers, stepfathers etc., had a wonderful day with your families on Sunday (or just maybe off on your own quiet time?) Happy Father’s Day to all.

Of course, this is also graduation time, and many of our young people are taking a big step, whether from kindergarten or from university. The first, of course, is for those graduating from university courses and best wishes and congratulations go out to Emily Gibson of Feasby Road. Emily graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce and Agricultural Business, Co-op Program, with Distinction. She also won a graduate prize for her efforts. Please let me know of any other young people graduating.

This has been quite a busy week with one thing or another. On Monday, part of our sorority met for lunch, the other half tripping around the world, specifically Italy and France. Wednesday evening was the Horticultural Group meeting with Paul Oliver, owner of Urban Nature, the guest speaker. The meeting was well attended, and some beautiful blooms gave the judges some work to do and a number of great draw prizes given away. The next meeting will be on July 12th with Julia Dimakos, “Gardening Girl.”

On Thursday evening, the Genealogy group met virtually and in person. Unfortunately, there was some difficulty with the system, and much of the talk by John McLean had to be left for viewers to read in notes which came later. This is the final meeting before September. Current chairperson Grant Baines is retiring, as is Eve-Lynn Swan and volunteers are urgently needed to fill these slots. On Friday, a few Uxbridge people were at the Villa in Port Perry for the Community Care luncheon. We are promised that in the autumn, some lunches will be held in Uxbridge!

Friday night was a jazz night. At Leaskdale Heritage Church, Tom Baker and his crew performed the fifth and last of the jazz concerts there in aid of payment for the grand piano. According to the Maud Squad, over $5000 has been raised by these concerts to go towards the payment, a great achievement. On that same evening at the Foster, Ferrport Jazz Ensemble was the featured performers. These gentlemen have been extremely busy lately playing venues all over the region, most lately at the Springfest in Uxbridge. It was a wonderful evening of music with a crowd of over 60 people in attendance. Next week at the Foster, Douglas MacKenzie is the guest playing a 6 and 12-string ovation guitar. Please join us at 7:30 p.m.

Many people have been or are tripping around. Tish MacDonald and Ted Barris led a group to France for the 79th anniversary of D-Day while another group of ladies visited Italy. Away just now are a group with several Uxbridge people along to Newfoundland and Labrador. Others have taken shorter trips to Quebec and the Sacquenay R., while another is enjoying the beauty of Victoria. From one end of Canada to the other.

On Sunday afternoon, The Zephyr Missionary Church held its Decoration service. Guest leaders were the boys of Reflections. They sure are getting a workout. At Sandford United Church, I was honoured to lead the worship with Ruth setting the tone with her lively piano playing. Thanks to Tanis for reading the scriptures. Our guest speaker was Bev Northeast, who spoke about the work of the Salvation Army, specifically the need for housing for families and the BackPack project, where school supplies are given to children and youth who might otherwise not have them. Next week our worship leader is Darlene Hallett, LLWL

Sandford Decoration Service is Sunday, June 25th, at 2 p.m., with guest minister Rev. Jim Hackner. The cemetery grounds will be open all day to place wreaths etc. Zephyr Decoration will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, July 2nd.

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